August 25, 2013

Sunday Pooch Face #3

I take Izabella to go see her doggy mommy, daddy and sister at my moms each week and this was taken a few weeks ago in the garden. I love that there is just black and white everywhere and sometimes you have no idea who is who when they are playing. You can see the chicken den in the background in which lives 14 chickens, they are pretty cool. Bella taught the other pooches to play Frisbee in which it shows on Bella's face how much fun she is having with all the doggies. Tomorrow we are going to a dog show on the park behind my moms house with Laura and her little cute pug Tilly, hoping for the weather to be decent and no rain so that we all can have a lovely day out watching the shows. This week seems to have been really stressful but I love coming home to my little dog and Rob which is great they are my family! We are just about to set off to go visit my mom and all the collies for a few days which Bella really enjoys to play and go crazy, by the time we head back to Robs house she is exhausted from her adventures.  

Hope you enjoy this post each Sunday!

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