August 28, 2013

Topshop Wednesday Wish list!

So today I went into Topshop as I needed some new jeans, mine have been worn so much I thought I need to treat myself to some new ones. I adore the Leigh jeans, they are incredibly comfy and fit really well which is a bonus as I find it hard to find jeans that are comfy and I feel confident in to wear. I only wore leggings for a while in college until I found these amazing jeans, I have never worn any other style for a long time now. Really wish I could have all the colours in my wardrobe as I really need a wardrobe make over asap!
This woven two in one dress is super cute and would look amazing layered up even in the winter, I adore the two tonne contrast between grey and black. This style of dress is my favorite as I feel comfy and confident in wearing it. I know that Summer is nearly over but I adore those sunglasses, I really want some 90s round sunglasses asap or invest in some for holidays to come or even for next summer. I find it hard to choose sunglasses but when I tried on this style it suited my face shape and that made me happy but maybe my bank balance wont agree! As Summer is coming to an end I want to start looking into getting some boots, It takes me a while to settle on a pair I adore but Topshop usually have what I want. I adore these black boots and they will go with cute dresses and those amazing Leigh jeans. The swin suit I need in my life to inspire me to go swimming more often, I want to get back into it and tonne up which is the perfect excuse to buy this leopard print beauty, I have a feeling leopard print will be huge specially with Katy Perry's new album coming out soon ( Roar ) in which I am super excited by she is incrediable!!! :)

What would you buy from this?



  1. I've been staying away from Topshop as I imagine I'd come away with a wish list similar to this.. In fact, it'd probably be identical. Love your picks!



    1. Thank you hun <3
      I know I had to just walk out otherwise I would have 0 money!

      Abi xx


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