August 08, 2013

Whats In My Bedroom - Part One

So I thought I would try a different post today and do a little tag about whats in my room, I only took a few photographs as I am still decorating it a little but here are a few of my favorite pieces so far. My room is a baby blue colour which I adore and I have a white carpet that drives me mad to keep clean due to the fact at my moms she has 3 border collies and I have Izabell and dog hair stands out so bad! I love having light blue floral duvet cover to match my wall colours and cute cushions on my bed. I have a lot of owl related gifts around my room from when I did a bird of prey project at university for my third year project, I do love owls though so it is all good. I have a big mirror on my window at the moment as I am waiting on a dressing table to match it which will be fun to decorate with all my make up pieces and candles! I have recently stuck a few cute Instagram prints onto this mirror of me, Rob and Bella, looking to invest in a pin board soon! I have so many ideas on what I want to do to decorate my room but I do love it as it is my favorite colour and I have a huge bed that is super comfy! ( Photo on Instagram: abikempen) 

I love to keep cards that I get from fiends and family so you can see a few around my room from the special people in my life and I have put out all my DVDs I bought when I was about 16. I do love a good girly film as well as re watching Harry Potter, I am a huge Harry Potter fan! Harry Potter studios is on my list of things to do before the end of 2013.

I haven't fully shown my new addition to my animal family on my blog, near my window/ door I have a shelf with a cute little blue budgie in a cage and his name is Ollie. I got him 3 weeks ago and he sings and tweets all day long. He is such a cutie pie and I adore him!

 Due to the fact I studied photography at university I have a lot of photography related magazines and Source, BJP are the new editions to my collection that I am reading at the moment!

I have a lot of teddies, owls and photographs around my room which I love, I am wanting to get more candles and cute ornaments for my room soon as it is only half done with all my sentimental pieces in there. 
Hoping to do a bedroom decoration wish list soon on here so keep an eye out for that!
Bella looks so happy to be in that photo!

Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak to what I love!




  1. Aw!! Your dogs face is ADORABLE! :D X

  2. love your room abi, so prettyyyy & lots of lovely things to look at (:

    L x

    1. Thank you :) teddy you got me on my mirror :) xx


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