September 17, 2013

Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual

Bobbi Brown Make up Manual £16.25

Make up fans will love this book is shows you all the basics and has some information on how to start a career in make up which is very useful. I really want to do a make up course one day, maybe next year September I may take one up. This book teaches you about each skin type not just your own and helps you to understand on how to do amazing make up looks. The photographs are really helpful and draw you in and make you want to sit and follow the tutorials, I adore this little book and so happy that I bought it. I found it on Amazon for £10 after wanting it for a few years this was a bargain. 

Bobbi brown 25 years of experience into one perfect book, each chapter brings you more information and makes me want to become a make up artist so bad! I would love this as a career as i have a degree in Photography I would love to combine the two. 

I love that there is a chapter about the history of make up and how to get into the industry. I think that this book is essential to beginners and people that already work in the industry due to the fact it is so pretty, helpful and such a handy book. There are so many tips on which brushes to use, tips on how to use each product to the best you can and how to match your foundations. 

I love this book and since buying it I have started to really try with my make up and have found it fun again. I used to put my make up on like it was a chore, now after watching You Tube videos and reading this all I want to do is play with make up and create different looks. I love all the chapters and found it really helpful and inspiring, I would recommend this book to anyone that loves beauty and it looks cute next to your bed too or in your book shelf. 
If you want to buy this as a gift for a birthday or Christmas I think it would be perfect for anyone interested in starting a career or even for fun to try looks with their own make up.

Have you got this book?




  1. I don't have the book but I would love to have it for sure!! Seems really great :D

  2. "putting on makeup like it was a chore" ... totally hit the nail on the head. In the past I was annoyed that I had to wear foundation or BB cream because I hate how after 3hrs, my face felt gross. But as I play around a little more, aka actually give make up a chance, I'm enjoying it :)

  3. i've browsed through this a few times since my friends has it at home - it's an interesting read, and i also love BB products! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder


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