September 09, 2013

Exploring Castles on a rainy day!

 Rivington near Bolton in Lancashire
 Izabella and Me exploring Liverpool Castle
 Kisses for my cheeky monkey!
 Rob <3
 Sticking her tongue out at Rob!
  Izabell looking all cute 
Rob and Bella being cheeky with tongue out!
 Sunshine finally came out and then decided to rain.
 Being a good girl posing for me.

Sorry this is such a picture heavy post put I wanted to show how lovely it is to spend time with my pooch and Rob even if it is just down the road from where I live. I adore going to Rivington even when it is full of snow it looks incredible and in the sunshine its such a perfect spot for a picnic and a swim in the water for Bella. Bella really loves visiting this place because she can run and run and run until she falls asleep in the car on the way home. The trees and fresh air is great, Bella loves to go swimming in the water too. Today we didn't really want her to swim as it was a tad cold but she decided it wasn't and went for a dip anyway. She loved it and now she is asleep next to me while I type this up. I enjoyed it even when it started to rain, I didn't mind as I had my water proof coat on from North Face. Days like this are the best and want to make sure we do more of them. A dog friendly holiday needs to happen soon and more walks like this are great. Bella really is so important to me and Rob and we love to see her enjoy her day and doing what she loves, such a cheeky monkey!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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