September 23, 2013

Mad Hatters Tea shop With Loulabeth

Mad hatters Tea Shop - Preston, Longton

On Saturday after work I met up with Loulabeth and we decided to have a look at the new tea shop that had opened in Longton, local to us in Preston. It was the most sweetest, cutest little shop I have ever seen, we both love the decorations and the spotty pink table clothes. We both had a pot of tea each and it tasted amazing, I am not a big tea drinker but I may now be if its in a tea pot! The china tea cups were adorable and everything was so cute and well designed. I would go to this little shop everyday if I could. I wish I had taken some more photographs but next time I will, I was so overwhelmed with the cute girly design and catching up with Laura was the best. She lives in Milton Keynes at the moment so shes not local but when she comes down to Preston we are going to this tea shop again and again! The food was great too, Laura had amazing fluffy toast and I got a jacket potato which came looking amazing with some salad that looked incredibly fresh and for afters we bought some biscuits and I got one shaped as a pooch!

I love going to places like this because it makes me really happy and I love everything in this shop. I wanted to buy everything in the shop to decorate my own kitchen one day. I love polka dots and china tea cups!
We had such a lovely afternoon catching up in this cute local tea shop and probally will visit again soon.




  1. Wow this shop looks incredible! Wish there was one in Liverpool <3 xx


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