September 05, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips - Pink Punch

Pink Punch
Maybelline Baby Lips @2.99 Boots

I wanted to try this super cute lip balm out every since I read some reviews on them on other blogs, I was completely convinced to buy them oops! I must admit I adore the child like design of them and how colourful they are, I love a product to stand out to me and this certainly does. This might not appeal to everyone though but the quality and smell of this product is perfect for me. I buy so many lip balms and keep them in my hand bag as you do and this one stands out to me its fun and smells amazing. 

I must admit I thought the texture was going to be quit hard to apply on the lips but it feels silky and feels great on the lips. The first application I thought oh nooo it glides on funny but after a few more uses I fell in love with it. The quality and price is amazing and its just a fun product to have in your hand bag and the smell is amazing, the one I have is called Pink Punch.

I love how it leaves a tint of pink on the lips, this is great if you are at work and only want a slight colour to your lips as well as keeping them smooth. It doesn't last as well as I would like but the quality is there for what you pay. £2.99 is affordable and its just a fun product to try and have in your bag, I find it lovely to use now and then. I probably won't want to use to as much as I use my other lip balms but it is a fun one to give your lips some colour and it does smooth them out and stop them feeling dry, just not as long as I was expecting it to last on the lips. I probably would't recommend this to someone that have really dry and cracked lips it honestly is just a fun product to use on slightly dry lips. What I would say is to add the baby lips first to add colour then add your normal lip balm to add moisture to help with really dry lips.

This is a fun, good quality and affordable product that has super cute bright packaging!

Have you used this product and what are your thoughts?




  1. I love how these give a subtle tint will need to try this out <3

  2. I just bought this and reviewed it too, i love it :) its zoo soft and I love the hint of pink it gives to the lips x

  3. I still haven't tried these, even though there has been so much hype. I think it is because like you said they do have a rather childish design. The packaging does look purse friendly though and i do like that its in a stick, nothing worse than having to stick your finger in a tin/pot when your on the go!
    Sam X


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