September 01, 2013

Sunday Pooch Face #4

Cuddly Izabella and 3rd best sausage catcher!

As I blogged on Tuesday about our adventures in the sunshine I thought I would share the best photograph of the week so far. Bella looks so happy with herself after winning 3rd in the best sausage catcher challenge at the Summer Fete. It was such a lovely day catching up with some friends and Bella enjoyed the sunshine with all the other doggies around. I love days out with Bella and I thought this photograph sums her up on the day! I am such a proud mommy as I had no idea that we would even get past the first round, it was so much fun and would love to have more days like this. 

The first image I took today, I asked Bella to give the teddy a lot of love and cuddles as silly as I sound but Bell loves teddies and her eyes light up when she can cuddle one. This is how she fell asleep whilst hugging the teddy! She is such my furbaby and I love her!

Hope you guys enjoy my Sunday post :)
Thank you for all the support on here and on Twitter <3



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