September 08, 2013

Sunday Pooch Face #5

Jessica and Izabella

I adore taking photographs of my mom's dogs and of course my little baby Bella. This December Bella is 3 years old, I cannot believe it has been that long since she was born. Jessica is Bella's doggy mommy and I adore Jess, when I lived at home and applied fake tan before nights out she would chase me round the house and make my legs streaky by licking my leg every time she got hold of me. She loves the smell of pretty things and if she hates a smell she rubs her face all over the carpet. Her one obsession in her life is the tennis ball, if you buy her cheap tennis balls she will destroy them. Her favorite is Dunlop and Slazenger, do not buy any others they will be ripped up all over the house. 

If you visit she will hunt down her tennis ball's to give you a present but do not keep this present otherwise she will get very upset that she has no tennis balls. She will feel very depressed if there are no tennis balls. When you get into bed you may find a soggy wet tennis ball under your back, this is not very pleasant but you can forgive such a cute pooch. She loves teddy bears way too much as she steals mine and rips the heads off then thinks I may not notice as it was just a small area stolen but I do notice unlucky for Jess. I adore her and she is such a sweetie, I wish that I could buy her tonnes of tennis balls and bears!

I named Jessica on the way home from the farm we bought her from and she was really muddy and scared. She hid from us when we went to look for our first dog after moving her a year before and when she ran out from the barn we knew she was the one we wanted. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!




  1. They are so cute!!! Lovely blog:)

  2. They are gorgeous!!!!!

    Kimberley x


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