September 22, 2013

Sunday Pooch Face #7

Izabella and Nevada 

I usually post a photograph of Bella I've taken during the week but this week I thought I might go back three years and show you her as a baby. Nevada is her little sister that my Mom kept as a baby too from the same litter, they used to play together all the time and cuddle each other to sleep. They were the only two that had odd patches from the litter, the others were all black with a white collar round the neck. I do miss one we names Mouse because she was the smallest from the litter and so beautiful, I always wonder how she is getting on now. 

I just loved how Bellas patches were different and how can you resist a puppy that comes from the two best doggies Jessica and Denver which are my moms pooches. She is 3 in December how time flies, she is beautiful and my little furry best friend!

I love my fur baby, send me tweets about your animals?



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