September 19, 2013

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray

Lulu Kennedy has helped dress up four products for Toni & Guy, they are only limited edition. She is the founder of Fashion East and she has scouted famous names such as House of Holland. I thought I would treat myself to some new products to help with my dull long straight hair. I don't need to straighten my hair as it is just naturally straight but this is a problem when it has no texture or volume so I got this and a hair mask. I will review hair mask once I have used it and seen the results. 

I love this product from day one as it made my hair look and feel more textured, I need this so bad due to my hair being so flat. I love having the texture to my hair, gives it more body and makes it feel a little more done. I have no idea how to style my own hair, this sounds so bad but I only do a couple hair styles. Wish I knew some more really but even when my hair is in a pony tale I use this to give it more texture and it looks great. Makes my hair style natural but a little more wavy which I adore.
I Love that it has a light hold texture on my hair as I hate using really heavy products on my hair as it shows up and looks awful. This product sits nicely and gives me more movement in my hair style which is great, its good if you need a quick hair style fix when you need to change fast or don't have great amount of time to style your hair. Now that my hair is longer it needs some help to look less limp and this product does the job well and I defiantly want to keep this handy in my essentials for a long time now. I got this in a 3 for 2 offer at Boots which is great as you can buy the shampoos or hair masks too like I did. 

Do you use sea salt spray?


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  1. Sounds like a good product! I need a salt spray!


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