September 25, 2013

Topshop Autumn Wish List!

So I decided to do my Wednesday wish list on a few items I like at Topshop for the upcoming cold weather. I love Fall/ Autumn because you can layer on clothes and wear such beautiful oranges and burgundies. I love to layer up when it gets cold as I am not a huge fan of the snow when you have to be places and the cold is something I am yet to get used to because of living in South Africa for 15 years the snow just doesn't feel nice when your driving etc. It is fun though to layer up and wear some gorgeous boots, I love all the colours that were on the run way this year and thought that it is great that you don't have to wear such dark colours in Autumn you can play around with hints on electric blue and lovely greens. 

I adore the coat from Topshop because it is such a gorgeous swing coat, I would personally wear this in a dark colour so that I can play around with my outfit more. I do love the green for Autumn in general and having hints of bright colours makes your outfit just pop in the dull weather. With pants I tend to keep them quit dark as I feel self conscious with colour on my legs but the burgundy colour looks incredible and will compliment your black boots with scarfs and hats. 

I love a hint of leopard print to an outfit from hand bags to comfy jumpers, I defiantly think we all need to invest in some this year. I have seen so many bags and jumpers I want like this one but I would love to wear this Topshop one with beautiful boots and dark jeans for a comfy yet stylish look. I adore wearing tartan scarves and I need to invest in a new one this year. I want to buy some more bobble hats this year and maybe experiment with the colours as well as buying some cute new gloves. 

Those boots are beautiful and I need them in my life, I really need to go shopping for my Autumn outfits because at the moment I have way to much Summery clothes and not enough warm cozy clothes. I bought some new boots from Next a few weeks ago so that is the start to my Autumn outfits. All I can say is bring on snow on Christmas day!

Would you pick any of these items?




  1. Hi! :D
    I've never shopped in Topshop EVER. I don't know why... :/ But I absolutely love that coat, jeans and red dress... I think I shall be popping in, in the very near future. :D

  2. I love the dress so much! What a gorgeous colour :) xx


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