September 11, 2013

Wednesday Wish List: Lush

One / Two / Three / Four / Five - Lush

BB Seaweed Fresh Mask: For softening, soothing and reducing redness, this product sounds perfect for a relaxing face mask whilst using one of the amazing bath bombs from Lush. I just adore using face masks as part of my routine each week and this one sounds like it would be amazing to use. When you gently wash it off it will exfoliate your skin too which is a bonus, helping your skin to feel soft and looked after. 

The Hair Doctor Treatment: I always end up with dry hair and as I am growing my hair at the moment I really want it to be in the best condition possible. I also dye my hair which wont be doing my hair any good, so I really want to try this hair mask to boost the look of my hair. This product is based on mud and seaweed which sounds interesting and makes me want to add it to my checkout asap on the website. It helps to condition and strengthen your hair which is great, might have to invest in this.

Freeze Retro Shower Gel: This just sounds interesting as I love the name and how it looks, the blue just stands out to me. It is a mint shower gel which would help to wake you up in the shower in the morning!

Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb: I just love the smell of violets and I think that this bath bomb will send you right to sleep after a nice hot bath. It sounds amazing and I adore bath bombs from Lush I am never disappointed with them. Whenever I go in it takes me a long time to decide on which ones I really want otherwise I would be buying every single one. This one will create a milky soft bath to make your skin feel amazing!

Tisty Tosty Bomb: As you get into the bath lower this beautiful bath bomb into the water and watch the rosebuds emerge. This sounds like heaven and the smell of rose would be incredible, I just want to try this one to see the rosebuds in my bath water, it just sounds super pretty! 

Have you tried any of these?


1 comment

  1. I love lush! Haven't tried any of these though. I need to get one of their face masks!


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