October 03, 2013

Lush Christmas!

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I adore Christmas and love everything about it, family time and the food is gorgeous. I do love one more thing about Christmas and that is the amazing Lush products, you cannot go wrong with a cute bath bomb that breaks your heart to use because it is just so darn cute! I have done this post because I missed my Wednesday wish list and this is what I would love out of the new Christmas stock, I know its so early but I get excited for Christmas and it is only a few weeks away now it will soon come around! :) 

I used the Snow Fairy wand and shower gel last year and fell in love, this year I will be buying a large bottle of it to last me all year. The smell is the best smell you will ever use in the shower and the wand lasts for at least five uses. It is the best fruity pink bath gel ever made and I want to buy so much of it. I may even go out on boxing day this year and try purchase lots and lots, Loulabeth?

How cute are the little snow men and penguins, omg! I adore penguins and really would not want to use this in my bath, it is just super cute. This penguin is modeled on the smallest penguin in the world, now that s cute. The snow men will make your skin super soft because it contains cocoa butter mmm!

The Fun tin just looks awesome, I went to Liverpool on Saturday and saw it, it looks super fun and would make a great present! I also want all the lip scrubs this year, specially this one it looks fab!

What would you buy this Christmas from Lush?





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