October 21, 2013

Olivia Burton Watches Wishlist!

I have been meaning to buy a new watch and these are the sort of style I am looking for summed up in one wish list. I adore the Olivia Burton watches and the designs are super cute, I adore anything with an animal on it. I love the owl, butterfly and hummingbird design not just because its cute and what I normally go for but its also different. It is a little more funky for an everyday watch, I love leather straps on my watches and I would love one for work. I leaning more towards number two for my work watch because the strap won't get dirty and it would go with a lot of my work outfits due to it being a light brown strap. 

I wish I could have all of these for a different day of the week, they are beautiful and I am so tempted to get one soon. The hummingbird has to be my all time favorite in this collection and I love how cute and girly it is, I may have to get this one as a Christmas present! I heard that butterflies give Geminis good luck once and every since that day I have believed this, so I am so drawn to the butterfly design on most things so that is why I really want the butterfly design. 

Which one do you like?




  1. These are such gorgeous watches, I've so many I've seen by this designer that I would like :) Kate Spade is another nice one.
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  2. These are so pretty. My favourite has to be the hummingbird one too, want it now! :D x

  3. I think number two is my favourite, it's so gorgeous and classic.

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  4. I love the Hummingbird one too, it has the best picture and the best strap colour! x


  5. They are cute! I've been thinking about buying a new watch although its definitely not top of my list.
    Adela x



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