October 08, 2013

Pamper Night!

So today I thought I would do a post about a pamper night I had right before my interview for my new job the next day. I enjoy having at least one night a week when you relax and have a bubble bath and use all your products. I Only took a few photographs of the products I used and I won't go into huge detail because there will be separate reviews going up of each one. 

I usually start off with a bubble bath and then use all my products such as my Tony & Guy hair mask, Boots Face mask which is amazing and its cheap too. It really is the one I go to if my skin feels horrendous and it refreshes it and makes it feel amazing. As you may know I love Soap and Glory, every products they have has been a winner in my eyes because the smell of them is beautiful and they make your skin feel incredible, I am using the Sugar Crush body scrub at the moment and adore it. I also am a big fan of Lush products and treat myself to some now and then when I get paid, this one I have used so many times and it is nearly finished but you can also use it on your hair and it makes it feel super soft, I love the fact it has sea salt in it.
Purity face wash removes all my make up gently and it helps to start off the pampering, I love having my skin looking healthy and sometimes it needs a boost. 

After my bath I love to do my nails and make sure they look neat and tidy and well painted. I have a huge collection of different nail colours so this is a fun task to do. My favorite nail polish at the moment is the Barry M Gelly nails because the finish of them is just perfect. 
All the full reviews of each product will be up soon once I have used them for a decent amount of time to really test them but so far so good!

What products do you use pamper yourself?




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  1. I went to a house party once and this girl had 3 tubs of Rub Rub Rub in her bathroom and after that I now really want to try it. I love Sugar Crush.

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