October 09, 2013

School Days!

I started off my School life in South Africa and I continued to study there till I was 15. The first school I went to was called Mickey Mouse and this was my first school for a few years. I then went on to do one year at a different school but it just wasn't right for me then moved on to go to Aston Manor in which I stayed there till the beginning of high school. I then went on to go to an Afrikaans high school called Kempton park Hoerskool in which this was difficult because my first language was English, I taught myself to understand Afrikaans in three months and I can still make basic conversation and count to 100 in it.  I really loved that school even though it was so difficult to keep up I still was very determined to do well. I then moved to England and started school at Penwortham Sports and Technology College and did two years of high school there. This meant I went from a year 7 in South Africa to a year 10 in England so it was difficult to fit in and keep on the same stage as everyone else due to missing so much school. I wasn't a huge fan of school and was so happy to finish age 16 rather than 18 in South Africa. 

When I started college I knew I wanted to do Art and Design as it was what I felt was my strength. I loved college it was the best 3 years of my life, I attended Runshaw College and loved every minute of it.
I did two years of Art & Design then went on to do Photography for one year which I knew I wanted to further. I am not very good at exams and tests, I panic too much and end up not doing as well as expected but with Art and photography I knew I loved it. I finished college with A and two BB's which is amazing considering I struggled at school. In my first year at college I finished with an A in which I made a dress for my final project!

I then went on to Uclan in Preston and started a Ba Hons course in Photography, I never knew exactly what I wanted to become when I left and I still don't but I enjoyed every minute of university. I finally knew it was what I wanted to do and it was one of my life goals to go to university and make my family proud, specially even though my dad lives in South Africa I wanted to show him that I have made something of my life. I sent him a photograph from my graduation and it made him very proud so I have defiantly achieved one of my life goals! I photographed an owl sanctuary for my final project which I pushed myself to get as perfect as I could in the amount of time and I ended up going to London to exhibit my work which was amazing. I had so much fun doing this and loved every minute of it even when I got so stressed I cried because some photo shoots went so bad! I now have a degree in Photography and really enjoyed the journey of getting it, best three years of education and going to my graduation knowing as a child I set myself a goal of getting a degree was an amazing feeling!




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