October 18, 2013

Seventeen Blow Out Mascara!

By looking at the bottom photograph you may think I have already used this multiple times and made it go all yukky? wrong, unfortunately this is how it came when I just opened it after purchasing it, highly disappointed by this mascara. First look at it in the shop I thought why not try a different mascara and I saw this packaging looks fun and you might think that it will help your eye lashes pop. It had no effect on my eyelashes, it hardly showed up and made my eyes look weird as I am used to having mascara that really makes my lashes stand out. I love to do my eye make up and the key part for me is a strong mascara that will help lengthen the lashes. This just felt awkward and clumpy on the eyes and I have wasted my money on it, I try to use this after my reliable mascara to build it up so that I feel that it won't go to waste.

If you want a mascara that is really subtle and not heavy at all this may be the one to use, the brush is a little on the large side too. 

For the price I think it is far from a reasonable mascara even for an everyday look, It looks clumpy and horrible from first glance and I was really upset it wasn't nice on the eyes. I was expecting good stuff from it but now it just gets used now and then for makeup that won't be seen further than my house. I feel sad that it was not great but I know now and it is all about testing different products to suit your look. 

Have you used this product?




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