October 11, 2013

Toni & Guy Hair Mask

 Toni & Guy Hair Mask £7.19 Boots 

This little box of beautiful hair mask is incredible, it is a must for really dull dry hair this Winter. My hair has grown so much this last year and it starts to get tangled and annoying. I thought I would buy a more expensive drug store hair mask to help me out this Winter and this has not let me down. You pop a tea spoon amount into your hair and leave it on for 5 minutes. You are left with silky smooth, manageable hair that looks shiny and healthy. I have used  this three times this month and it has hardly made a dent into it. I think this will last me well past Christmas which is grand as it is out of my budget at the moment.

I dye my hair a lot as I love having dark brown hair that looks even all year round and no roots showing but this plays hell on my hair and I am so happy I have found a product that I trust to do a good job. After one use I was impressed it defiantly does what it says and is perfect for a pamper night.

I have tried so many brands to try revive my hair but this one I am prepared to pay the price of it, I got this in a three for two offer at Boots a few months back. It has worked a dream and leaves my hair silky and looking healthy, defiantly what I want. 

reasonable priced, healthy looking hair after one use and smells amazing, I defiantly want to keep using this product due to being so pleased with how my hair looks now. It is healthy and I adore using this product at least twice a week as a conditioner. It lasts a very long time too which is a bonus as I adore it, this is my brand new favorite product of the year. 

Have you used this product?





  1. thanks for reviewing this! i'm always on the lookout for a hair mask that doesn't break the bank, especially in the winter when everything gets so dried out. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  2. Definitely want to try this out. I recently got an argan oil hair mask and it's not so great but this sounds lovely! I love it when products go a long way too as you said it's barely left a dent in it! :)

    Kathryn x


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