October 19, 2013

Update On My New Years Resolutions!


So Last year on the 30th of December I did a post on my new years resolutions and today I thought it would be great to see how much of those goals still stand and what I have left to achieve! I know that I may have ticked of a couple on the list, lets see how much!
Here is the link to the first post I did on this and below I will sum up the goals. LINK
I will start with the goal I had set and sup it up next to it, here  it goes!

Goals that have been met!

  • Will go to the gym again like I used to last summer and work out to be healthy and eat healthier and look after myself plus want to look good at my graduation and feel happy.- I lost half a stone for graduation and I really enjoyed the day! 
  • Graduate with a decent grade! it is very important to me this one.- This one defiantly is ticked of the list!
  • Finish my dissertation to the best I can and get on to the final show in London- I tried my best at my dissertation it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but got through it and I went to my London show and exhibited my work! woop!
  • make sure I take time out to relax - Getting better at this and I am more relaxed!
  • All I want to do is work hard and enjoy my job- I have a great job that I love!
  • Deal with my anxiety and enjoy my life because I am lucky - This is getting a lot better, I still have bad days but I am able to control it better!
  • Take plenty of photographs and get them printed so I do not loose them if laptop dies.- I have printed so many photographs lately and want to carry this on.
  • Do my final show at university to the best I can possibly do- I tried my best and I was so pleased with the result, I even got nominated for an award!
I had no idea I had ticked so many off my list this year, Looking back these past few months it has been great. I loved university and I even went to London to exhibit my work which was one of my big goals. I even got nominated for an award which was amazing and I am proud of this. 2013 so far has turned out well and I am determined to tick off more of my goals! 

Have a look back at some more of my goals here!





  1. You've done such a good job! I want to do one of these posts now, I'll probably have done a crap job ;) xx

  2. Congratulations! You have done really well at meeting all your goals! I finished uni this year too, it is definitely one of the best feelings! x


  3. This is a fab post - how amazing that you can tick so many resolutions off! Well done, sounds like you've have a great year! ;)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...


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