November 29, 2013

AreaH2o Hair Care

  Area H20 Hair Care  £9.95*

I was thrilled to be given the chance to try out this product due to the fact my water at home is really harsh. I was super excited to try out this shampoo and conditioner to see if it makes a change to how my hair felt. I am pleased to say it made a huge difference to how my hair felt from the first use. I felt as though my hair was easier to manage and it felt amazingly clean and fresh. This product lathers up beautifully and this helps to make you feel as though your hair has had a good wash. I love for my hair to feel clean and looking healthy, I find that this product helps to achieve this. It is for me really gentle on my hair as I love to use shampoos that are more gentle and not as heavy on my hair. 

A little bit about this product:

They strive to achieve a product that works with your water type, Have you ever wondered why your hair feels amazing on holiday? The water in our region contributes to the fact your hair goes back to feeling less than amazing after a good holiday. AreaH20 has been designed to work with your water type, the results cleaner, shinier, less fly away hair.

How this product works.

During clinical trials, Area H20 bio chemists examined the mineral properties of every water type to see how each one affects hair in different ways. They found that metal ions, present in all types of water, react with shampoo to form mineral deposits that cling to your hair. This product is designed to act as a magnet, attracting mineral ions and allowing you to wash them away far more easily. 

Area H20 is designed specifically to work with hard, medium and soft water.
Products available from Debenhams in Oxford street, London Argyall Street, Glasgow and Bristol priced at £9.95.

Overall I am really pleased with this product, it has done exactly what it says on the packaging and my hair feels great! I have hard water and it really helped to make my hair feel soft and shiny. 

Would you try this product out?
Let me know!



November 25, 2013

My Week On Instagram!

My boyfriend can cook amazing meals / Beautiful early morning winter start / My day off on Thursday with Jessie and DVDs /  Bella relaxing / Prism tour!!! / RIP my beautiful Denver / My collie family / Bath bomb Sunday /

This last week or so it has been extremely heart breaking. We lost one of the most amazing dogs in the world, he meant everything to our family. Last Monday Denver sadly had to leave us and it was the most heart breaking thing ever to happen. It was so hard to say goodbye to one of your best friends and the most perfect angel ever. I miss him so much it hurts! He is my Bella's daddy and I just want him back now!! I tearing up typing this up! 
RIP my beautiful little boy, you will be truly missed forever!
Love you forever my boy!

After such a heart breaking week I decided to book some Katy Perry tickets. I am a huge fan of her and she is amazing. I have listened to her new album non stop since I got it. I love to turn it up load in my car! I am so excited as it is 9 days before my birthday in May. I wanted to buy the Liverpool tickets as well oops!

My Instagram if you fancy a sneaky look: abikempen


November 22, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide For Him - Asos

Following on from my last post of Christmas gift ideas for her I wanted to do one for him as well. I found some things on the Asos website that I would buy my brother or boyfriend this year, I find Rob harder to buy for than anyone else and we have been together for four years but most of what I found on Asos i would buy for him this year.

The past four years as a Christmas or birthday present I have given Rob my boyfriend a watch. He is a huge fan of collecting them and loves to have a few different ones to wear each week. This one I would pick for him as it has a beautiful and elegant design to it. I love the brown strap and I think it would make a lovely gift for any guy in your family this year. 

I love the Lomography cameras from Asos etc as they are fun to use and you can capture your memories with them. I love that when you send off for the film you have no idea how they will turn out and how you captured the moment. It would be a fun present this Christmas to capture your New Year in 2014. 

What will you be buying this Christmas?



November 21, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide For Her - Asos / Boohoo

I love to make Christmas gift guides to help people find some cute presents for the family, friends or even boyfriends. I for one struggle to find everyone the perfect gift each year and I love to read blogs on what they suggest to buy. I hope this gift guide helps, let me know if it did. 

To start off with how cute is the note book that says big ideas on it, I really love to make notes and write down dates etc so this would make a perfect gift for anyone like me who loves to make lists and plan blog posts. Another present I thought would make a perfect gift for someones bed room is the cute tiger cushion, I think this is amazing. I love anything with animals on and this would work perfectly for someone who loves animals or just something different. I love the print on the cushion so much!

How cute is the orange day bag, I love the colour of it as it stands out and it is different to buying a sparkly one that may only work at Christmas. I love the structure of the bag and it would make a perfect present for any girl that is into fashion or loves to collect bags just like me.

Anything from Benefit will work a treat this Christmas, any girl will love the packaging of this one. I find the products to work a dream so if you are stuck on what to buy a beauty addict then go for something like this from Benefit. You can find it on Asos, link above.

Hope this has helped you find the perfect gift this Christmas!


November 17, 2013

Izabella - Puppy Pictures

3 Years later

How fast has Bella grown, seriously she is 3 on the 15th of December this year!
I was browsing my pictures on my laptop and found these beauties, I cannot believe how much she has grown over the years. You forget how small they used to be and when you see photographs like this you think go back to being so tiny! She means the world to me and all these photographs were taken around the time I found out I could have her!
This is going to sound really cheesy but she truly is my best little furry friend ever!
Looking at all these puppy pictures makes me want to go and get another pooch but we will get a little friend for bell when we have our own home next year. How cute is the first image though, that was taken the day she was born and I am so pleased that I was there for it. Every birthday we take her to Pets At Home and let her sniff out her favorite toys and treats!
The last image was taken the day that she came 3rd in a sausage catching challenge at a Summer fair, I was literally the proudest mom ever and she even won her first rosette!

I love my fur baby!
Tweet me images of your dogs!



November 16, 2013

25 facts About kemples!

Summer 2013

1) I started this blog in 2012 and I love everything to do with Beauty and social media. 

2) My favorite season is Summer but I adore Autumn walks in my wellies with Bella.

3) I have my own dog, her name is Izabella and she is a beautiful border collie.

4) I lived in South Africa for 15 years and will never forget it. It was amazing growing up in such a beautiful country.

5) I have a degree in Photography, this was one of my life goals and I am so proud I achieved this. 

6) I met my boyfriend in college and we have been together for four years in February.

7) I love animals and I want everything as a pet. If I ever won the lottery or something I would open a re homing centre for dogs.

8) I now have light brown hair and not black. I need an updated photo on this blog soon!

9) I would love to go on holiday to Australia.

10) My favorite tv shows are Neighbours, The walking dead, The american horror story and New girl.

11) I want to start my own YouTube channel soon!

12) I love to change my Iphone case more than five times in a year. There are so many cute designs.

13) I am addicted to Instagram!

14) My favorite food is pizza 

15) I Love to wear cute skater dresses and boots!

16) I am a huge fan of Katy Perry. I love her style and music!

17) I love traveling on planes but I need to save for some holidays.

18) I need to visit America one day and Disney Land.

19) I love the Harry Potter books and films!

20) I love to read magazines such as Company, Glamour and lots of photography ones to get inspiration for projects and blog posts.

21) I love to go to the cinema, super excited for the new Hunger Games out on the 21st November.

22) I cannot wait to get my own home with Rob and Bella!

23) I love anything floral or tartan and I love to wear big fluffy jumpers and cardies!

24) I love everything about Christmas!

25) I have 2 budgies and a rabbit called Alfred!


November 15, 2013

Lush Christmas

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the Lush cosmetics, I tend to buy more from Lush at Christmas . I love all the shapes and scents that are brought out so I went in to find my top three favorite for you guys. Another positive from buying from Lush is that they do not test on animals and they support charities. This for me makes the products even more special and I love the company for doing such perfect quality products but also doing good for the world.

Before I went in I knew I wanted to buy the Christmas penguin bubble bar as I have heard so much positive things about it. This little guy is the cutest Christmas product they have this year and I just could not bring myself to use him. I just know I would love to see more of him in my Christmas stocking! This little guy will uplift your bath and make the water super soft, all you have to do is crumble it under hot water and it will create foam for your bath. He is modeled on the smallest penguin in the world found on the Philip Island- Australia. 

The second product I got from the Christmas range is the melting snow man. This beauty of a product I got last Christmas as a present from Laura and since then I really hoped they would bring it back in this year and they did. You will have one of the best baths ever this Christmas if you get this little guy due to the water becoming super soft and your skin feels amazing after. The cocoa butter helps to moisturised  your skin. 

The last one I chose to try out from the Christmas range is the Christmas pud bath bomb, this one smells incredible. With a soothing lavender fragrance this one will be perfect to relax after a long day at work or for a pamper session before a Christmas party. I love the beautiful pastel colours and the amazing colours it makes your bath turn. This one is fun but helps you to have the most relaxing bath ever.

What would you buy from the Christmas range this year?
Check out my review on the Manchester Fashion Magazine Website here 



November 14, 2013

Christmas Stocking Fillers Under £20

One / Two/ Three / Four / Five / six / Seven

I am so excited for Christmas it is my favorite holiday of the year by far. I always struggle to find the perfect gifts so I thought this year I will do some gift guides on my blog to help me and others to find those gifts that will make people smile on Christmas day. I love putting together these gift ideas and will be doing one for him & her soon so keep an eye out for those. 

To start with I always want to buy the perfect Christmas cards and I found these on the Asos website and thought they were different and the design was cute. You can buy these for your best friends and put them with their gifts, so that each person has a different animal on their card. It might make it a bit different rather than all having the same card?

You cannot go wrong with OPI nail polishes and these mini ones will make a great stocking fillers. On Christmas day I love to make sure my nails are done and I dress up a little because it is such a special day spending it will your family.

Everyone should get a cute note book for Christmas you can then start planning your new year and jot down those important blog post. I just love note books I have so many of them and I always have one in my hand bag.

One other thing that I love to change more than once a year is my Iphone case, I love to hunt down all the cute designs and change it up. I love these two cute cases they will make great presents for anyone like me who loves new Iphone cases! They are a great stocking filler!

The Katy Perry lashes are incredible, I am not a huge fan of wearing false eye lashes for an every day look or anything but for special occasions they are great. These will work wonders for Christmas parties or the New year parties!

What will you be buying from Asos this year?


November 13, 2013

The Dressing Room - Olivia Burton Watch

The Dressing Room have teamed up with Olivia Burton and designed an exclusive watch that comes in Lilac and gold. The Big Dial Watch comes in at just £72 which is incredible for such a beautiful timepiece. It is definitely a must have accessory. There is currently a waiting list for this watch and you can reserve your own, all you have to do is fill in your details on this link. 

I adore the colours it comes in, it will go with most if not all my outfits and I would wear this to work everyday. |The large dial is absolutely stunning, its simple yet the subtle colours catch your eye without being too 'in your face'. 

I love that this watch is exclusive to The Dressing Room which makes it extra special, I think that this will be a very popular design. So if your looking for a beautifully made watch I would recommend this as a perfect Christmas present or maybe a cheeky early gift for yourself!

What are you waiting for go and reserve yours now! 

Here is the twitter page for The Dressing Room if you need to ask any questions! 

What do you think of this watch?



November 12, 2013

You Make Me Smile On Rainy days!

So I haven't done a lifestyle post in a while and I really enjoy doing them. I am thinking of doing a day in the life YouTube video soon or something like that to do something different. I love going for a long walk with Bella and Rob even when it is cold and raining. We went on a lovely two hour walk with Bell and she got super muddy but she loved it. She wanted to go play with the cows but they didn't seem as keen as Bella was. They are of my favorite animals, they are super cute. I always love to get a photograph with Bella when we go on days out and today was no different I love the photo we got together. I really need to print some of them off soon to put into a lovely frame in my room.

I adore Autumn walks as the leaves and trees look incredible with all the colours. I really need to invest in some new wellies as I wore my Vans and they soaked up so much water.
I wore my new Joules jumper and it kept me super warm under my North Face jacket, I just know I will be buying more Joules from work soon! 
Days like this are the best and Bella always has such a great time which makes me happy.


November 11, 2013

How To Keep Organised!

I wanted to do another advice sort of post as I really enjoyed the two I have already done on Anxiety and starting a blog. I will link those at the bottom of this post, hope that it helps as it took me a while to get organised when I was at university as my projects there had to take priory to finish of my degree to the best I could. I still wanted to keep blogging in my weekly tasks without it feeling like I was abandoning my blog at the same time. I also work part time and third year was the most demanding year for me but I loved it so all is well.
I want to list the things that I did to keep busy but also have enough time for everything each week. Working, Studying and blogging can take up a lot of your week but it should still be fun. Everything for me gets easier if it is organised and then I can make time for everything. I have now graduated from university and have more time on my hands as I now only blog and work but I really enjoy my hobby.

My Top Tips:

  • Keep a diary, this sounds like the most obvious one but when you have a diary or a note book in your bag it is easier to remember important deadlines at university or even you can use a note pad to jot down ideas and project ideas. I used a diary all the way through my third year at university and I wish I was that organised the other two years due to everything being easier to remember as I had so much to remember. I love keeping a note book handy in my bag with a cute pen in case I think of a blog post or even photography project ideas.
  • Keep your work space tidy, this helps me focus and I tend to get less distracted by the mess. Clear mind I think if your surroundings is clean when working.
  • I love to keep all my paper work in files, this helps when you need to find it a few months later and it is all in the right place instead of hunting it down and never finding it.
  • Involve other people, working in a team to brain storm will work wonders as you can bounce things off one another.
  • When studying and keeping a blog make sure you make time for each one. Make a timetable or pencil in times in your diary that you will work on each one. This helps to manage your time better and you won't let one go without the enough attention.

  • When you set deadlines give yourself a few more hours extra or few days extra so that if you go over you won't give up or feel bad that you didn't meet the deadline. This helps you to stay focused and not give up.
  • Schedule posts as this helps to keep on track with your weekly blogging. If you are feeling creative have one day and type out a couple blog posts for that week. This helps to loosen the work load during the week and you can do more university work or have more family time.
  • If you have a lot of products to photograph, why not take all the photographs in one day. Have a day that you set for photographing products so that you can save them onto your computer and this saves time for when you want to post about them.
  • If you struggle to think of blog posts, why not have a scrapbook of cut outs from magazines or notes from your favorite bloggers. This way you can flick through it and think of some new blog ideas. 
  • Keep a white board in your room, this way you can jot down ideas and deadlines so that it is in sight.
  • You can also use post it notes and when you have finished a task throw it out.
  • Creating regular features on your blog will help you have set days where you know what you have set yourself to do. It also gives readers something to look forward too.

Here are my two other advice posts, let me know if you enjoy them and if they help you!


November 10, 2013

Bourjois Bronzing Powder!

Bourjois Bronzing Powder £6.99 Boots

This bronzing powder I have used for about three months now and I adore it. Its really light on your skin but leaves a lovely tone to my skin. It has specks of gold and infused with chocolate scent, it just smells and feels great. I love the packaging I think it defiantly caught my eye to buy because when you open it, it is the shape of 4 chocolate squares which is great. It is something different and I just love it. I find the quality great and it leaves a lovely bronze tone to my skin without over doing it. You dust some bronzer onto your face and it just gives it a bit of a lift I find. I love to use the Real Technique powder brush to add this to my face, it helps to add a little dust of this product onto my skin and helps to gently add a bit of colour in this cold weather. 

Do you use this product?



November 09, 2013

Topshop Christmas Party Outfit!

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven

It is for me the start of everything Christmas, I love to start planning my presents and outfits as it is my favourite holiday of the year. I love to go shopping for Christmas jumpers and decorations so soon there will be some present ideas for him and her on my blog as well as my favourite decorations for this Christmas. 

To start off some of my Christmas posts here is an outfit I would wear to a work Christmas party or any Christmas party planned. I went for pastel colours and to make it quite girly, you could add a leather jacket to match the shoes if you wanted too. I would wear a leather jacket to add a bit of edge to it, this will make the outfit a little less girly. I love the dress as it is perfect with the sparkly detail and the colour is gorgeous. I love dresses like this one due to it being flattering on my figure. I wanted to add a bit more sparkle to it by adding a silver sparkly clutch bag, as this is the season for it. 

With the jewelry I would go quit subtle with it, I don't think this dress needs a huge statement necklace. You can add some beautiful bracelets to your arm and wear hoop earrings. The bow sandals are amazing, I would wear this to so many occasions due to them being so darn cute. I think the bow adds to the outfit within the theme of Christmas and I went for black as you can wear them again with a different Christmas party outfit or even out for some drinks with  your friends. 

With my nails I would wear pastel colours to match the dress, either a blue or a light pink. I then would add some sparkle to it by adding some glitter nail polish. You could wear your hair up or down with this cute hair clip, I would curl my hair and add the flower comb to it. 

What outfits do you have planned for Christmas?



November 08, 2013

My Week On Instagram!

Being silly with bella, Cute tea shop with my mom, Source Magazine, Blogoshpere Magazine, THOR with a pink Tango!, On a walk with Bella in the Autumn leaves, Beanie baby, Glamour my fave, Christmas Chocolate!!, New hot water bottle with a cute fox on it, date night with Rob and a Selfie!

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November 07, 2013

Blogosphere Magazine


So I found out about this magazine from Twitter and instantly wanted to check it out, I think it is a brilliant idea to get bloggers together in a magazine, as you can refer to and it can inspire you. With Essie Button on the cover how can that not inspire you to keep at your passion of updating your blogs or even keeping up to date with your favourite blog or even finding some brilliant new bloggers. I love how this magazine has such a diversity of blogs from food to fashion, it is a great way of finding new blogs out there. It is great to see appreciation for bloggers in print form and it has great content and photographs that you will read from page one till the very last page. I adore that it has a photography section as I have a degree in Photography and love to keep up to date with it. 

I adored the interview by the gorgeous blogger Essie Button and she is one of my all time favourite bloggers and YouTuber, I just love her dog Reggie as he is such a cutie!

The look and paper quality of this magazine is just perfect and I read it from start to finish in one go. I think it is great to showcase so many different bloggers in one magazine and it helps to keep your blogging ideas flowing. It truly inspires me to want to blog about all sorts and just have fun with it. 

Purchase your copy, you honestly will not be disappointed!

What are your thoughts?



November 05, 2013

Vichy Idealia Smoothing Illuminating Cream

I got this product about two months ago, I really wanted to test it to see if it really works. I got this in a 3 for 2 offer at boots and this was on sale for around £7 which is why I decided to treat myself to this and a couple of the face washes. When I opened it I instantly loved the packaging and how it looked, the formula itself feels great on the skin and it smells really light and fresh. I would say almost rose like, which made me instantly adore it.

This cream says it will smooth and illuminate your skin, I defiantly think it has helped my skin to feel softer and I find my skin not as dry as it was before using this. I tend to use it before I go to bed after taking all my make up off with toner and it works a dream. My skin then feels great and really clean and smelling beautiful.

This cream is designed for sensitive skin and it helps to even skin tone and complexion.  I have found that my skin has been looking a lot better due to using this and taking off my make up properly each night. This cream has a pleasant texture to it and dries really well on your face with a non sticky feel to it. I have really enjoyed using this product and find that it fits in well with my skin and helps prevent dry skin. It feels expensive and it has such beautiful, simple packaging, I am really pleased I decided to try this out.

Have you tried this product?



November 02, 2013

Topshop Autumn Wish List!

I have just been looking through all the whats new in on Topshop's website and found these beauties that I would love to add to my Autumn wardrobe. I adore the cut out detail on the boots, I have been wanting to add some new boots to my collection for a while and would love these ones this year. I have to buy a new bobble hat every year and I saw the colour of this one and I just need it in my life. 

I went to a few shops today to try find myself a new coat, this jacket is the perfect style I am looking for. One that is easy to pull over anything you are wearing and one that won't be heavy to wear out and about. I adore the navy shade and the tartan detail, it is just perfection! I also really need that dress, I love the two different fabrics together and it is such a lovely colour to add to your Winter wardrobe. It is something different and I love wearing easy to wear dresses such as this one.

This orange tartan scarf I need in my life this Autumn, the colour is beautiful and it is only £14 which is amazing. I may have to go and get this scarf, the temptation to order it right now is unbelievable. It is a perfect shade for this Winter to add a bit of wow to your outfit. I may have to get it, do I buy it guys?

I love so much on the Topshop website right now and wish I could click on it all and it just appears in my wardrobe!
What do you like from the wish list?

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