November 16, 2013

25 facts About kemples!

Summer 2013

1) I started this blog in 2012 and I love everything to do with Beauty and social media. 

2) My favorite season is Summer but I adore Autumn walks in my wellies with Bella.

3) I have my own dog, her name is Izabella and she is a beautiful border collie.

4) I lived in South Africa for 15 years and will never forget it. It was amazing growing up in such a beautiful country.

5) I have a degree in Photography, this was one of my life goals and I am so proud I achieved this. 

6) I met my boyfriend in college and we have been together for four years in February.

7) I love animals and I want everything as a pet. If I ever won the lottery or something I would open a re homing centre for dogs.

8) I now have light brown hair and not black. I need an updated photo on this blog soon!

9) I would love to go on holiday to Australia.

10) My favorite tv shows are Neighbours, The walking dead, The american horror story and New girl.

11) I want to start my own YouTube channel soon!

12) I love to change my Iphone case more than five times in a year. There are so many cute designs.

13) I am addicted to Instagram!

14) My favorite food is pizza 

15) I Love to wear cute skater dresses and boots!

16) I am a huge fan of Katy Perry. I love her style and music!

17) I love traveling on planes but I need to save for some holidays.

18) I need to visit America one day and Disney Land.

19) I love the Harry Potter books and films!

20) I love to read magazines such as Company, Glamour and lots of photography ones to get inspiration for projects and blog posts.

21) I love to go to the cinema, super excited for the new Hunger Games out on the 21st November.

22) I cannot wait to get my own home with Rob and Bella!

23) I love anything floral or tartan and I love to wear big fluffy jumpers and cardies!

24) I love everything about Christmas!

25) I have 2 budgies and a rabbit called Alfred!


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