November 07, 2013

Blogosphere Magazine


So I found out about this magazine from Twitter and instantly wanted to check it out, I think it is a brilliant idea to get bloggers together in a magazine, as you can refer to and it can inspire you. With Essie Button on the cover how can that not inspire you to keep at your passion of updating your blogs or even keeping up to date with your favourite blog or even finding some brilliant new bloggers. I love how this magazine has such a diversity of blogs from food to fashion, it is a great way of finding new blogs out there. It is great to see appreciation for bloggers in print form and it has great content and photographs that you will read from page one till the very last page. I adore that it has a photography section as I have a degree in Photography and love to keep up to date with it. 

I adored the interview by the gorgeous blogger Essie Button and she is one of my all time favourite bloggers and YouTuber, I just love her dog Reggie as he is such a cutie!

The look and paper quality of this magazine is just perfect and I read it from start to finish in one go. I think it is great to showcase so many different bloggers in one magazine and it helps to keep your blogging ideas flowing. It truly inspires me to want to blog about all sorts and just have fun with it. 

Purchase your copy, you honestly will not be disappointed!

What are your thoughts?



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  1. This is a great little magazine isn't it :) so glad I got a copy!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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