November 11, 2013

How To Keep Organised!

I wanted to do another advice sort of post as I really enjoyed the two I have already done on Anxiety and starting a blog. I will link those at the bottom of this post, hope that it helps as it took me a while to get organised when I was at university as my projects there had to take priory to finish of my degree to the best I could. I still wanted to keep blogging in my weekly tasks without it feeling like I was abandoning my blog at the same time. I also work part time and third year was the most demanding year for me but I loved it so all is well.
I want to list the things that I did to keep busy but also have enough time for everything each week. Working, Studying and blogging can take up a lot of your week but it should still be fun. Everything for me gets easier if it is organised and then I can make time for everything. I have now graduated from university and have more time on my hands as I now only blog and work but I really enjoy my hobby.

My Top Tips:

  • Keep a diary, this sounds like the most obvious one but when you have a diary or a note book in your bag it is easier to remember important deadlines at university or even you can use a note pad to jot down ideas and project ideas. I used a diary all the way through my third year at university and I wish I was that organised the other two years due to everything being easier to remember as I had so much to remember. I love keeping a note book handy in my bag with a cute pen in case I think of a blog post or even photography project ideas.
  • Keep your work space tidy, this helps me focus and I tend to get less distracted by the mess. Clear mind I think if your surroundings is clean when working.
  • I love to keep all my paper work in files, this helps when you need to find it a few months later and it is all in the right place instead of hunting it down and never finding it.
  • Involve other people, working in a team to brain storm will work wonders as you can bounce things off one another.
  • When studying and keeping a blog make sure you make time for each one. Make a timetable or pencil in times in your diary that you will work on each one. This helps to manage your time better and you won't let one go without the enough attention.

  • When you set deadlines give yourself a few more hours extra or few days extra so that if you go over you won't give up or feel bad that you didn't meet the deadline. This helps you to stay focused and not give up.
  • Schedule posts as this helps to keep on track with your weekly blogging. If you are feeling creative have one day and type out a couple blog posts for that week. This helps to loosen the work load during the week and you can do more university work or have more family time.
  • If you have a lot of products to photograph, why not take all the photographs in one day. Have a day that you set for photographing products so that you can save them onto your computer and this saves time for when you want to post about them.
  • If you struggle to think of blog posts, why not have a scrapbook of cut outs from magazines or notes from your favorite bloggers. This way you can flick through it and think of some new blog ideas. 
  • Keep a white board in your room, this way you can jot down ideas and deadlines so that it is in sight.
  • You can also use post it notes and when you have finished a task throw it out.
  • Creating regular features on your blog will help you have set days where you know what you have set yourself to do. It also gives readers something to look forward too.

Here are my two other advice posts, let me know if you enjoy them and if they help you!



  1. love these ideas, I need to get better at writing stuff down in my notebook. I never seem to have it when I need it!
    Definitely gonna try to keep a journal on hand! <3

  2. I take a lot of photographs at once :) it saves so much time so you can just write posts as and when! xx

  3. Good tips!

    I'm always trying to get more organised, and it never seems to happen, will definitely be implementing a couple of these.

    I'm definitely in need of a tidy workspace!

    Hmm maybe...


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