November 17, 2013

Izabella - Puppy Pictures

3 Years later

How fast has Bella grown, seriously she is 3 on the 15th of December this year!
I was browsing my pictures on my laptop and found these beauties, I cannot believe how much she has grown over the years. You forget how small they used to be and when you see photographs like this you think go back to being so tiny! She means the world to me and all these photographs were taken around the time I found out I could have her!
This is going to sound really cheesy but she truly is my best little furry friend ever!
Looking at all these puppy pictures makes me want to go and get another pooch but we will get a little friend for bell when we have our own home next year. How cute is the first image though, that was taken the day she was born and I am so pleased that I was there for it. Every birthday we take her to Pets At Home and let her sniff out her favorite toys and treats!
The last image was taken the day that she came 3rd in a sausage catching challenge at a Summer fair, I was literally the proudest mom ever and she even won her first rosette!

I love my fur baby!
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