November 25, 2013

My Week On Instagram!

My boyfriend can cook amazing meals / Beautiful early morning winter start / My day off on Thursday with Jessie and DVDs /  Bella relaxing / Prism tour!!! / RIP my beautiful Denver / My collie family / Bath bomb Sunday /

This last week or so it has been extremely heart breaking. We lost one of the most amazing dogs in the world, he meant everything to our family. Last Monday Denver sadly had to leave us and it was the most heart breaking thing ever to happen. It was so hard to say goodbye to one of your best friends and the most perfect angel ever. I miss him so much it hurts! He is my Bella's daddy and I just want him back now!! I tearing up typing this up! 
RIP my beautiful little boy, you will be truly missed forever!
Love you forever my boy!

After such a heart breaking week I decided to book some Katy Perry tickets. I am a huge fan of her and she is amazing. I have listened to her new album non stop since I got it. I love to turn it up load in my car! I am so excited as it is 9 days before my birthday in May. I wanted to buy the Liverpool tickets as well oops!

My Instagram if you fancy a sneaky look: abikempen



  1. So sorry to hear about your loss, dogs really do become part of the family x

  2. they say diamonds are a girls best friend but I disagree, dogs are a girls best friend. sorry to hear your loss dear xo


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