November 02, 2013

Topshop Autumn Wish List!

I have just been looking through all the whats new in on Topshop's website and found these beauties that I would love to add to my Autumn wardrobe. I adore the cut out detail on the boots, I have been wanting to add some new boots to my collection for a while and would love these ones this year. I have to buy a new bobble hat every year and I saw the colour of this one and I just need it in my life. 

I went to a few shops today to try find myself a new coat, this jacket is the perfect style I am looking for. One that is easy to pull over anything you are wearing and one that won't be heavy to wear out and about. I adore the navy shade and the tartan detail, it is just perfection! I also really need that dress, I love the two different fabrics together and it is such a lovely colour to add to your Winter wardrobe. It is something different and I love wearing easy to wear dresses such as this one.

This orange tartan scarf I need in my life this Autumn, the colour is beautiful and it is only £14 which is amazing. I may have to go and get this scarf, the temptation to order it right now is unbelievable. It is a perfect shade for this Winter to add a bit of wow to your outfit. I may have to get it, do I buy it guys?

I love so much on the Topshop website right now and wish I could click on it all and it just appears in my wardrobe!
What do you like from the wish list?



  1. This is such a cute look Abi! :) x

  2. Love the jacket and the boots +.+

  3. I love the tartan trend at the moment and that scarf is lovely! I've also done a wish list on my blog

    Found your blog through #bbloggers. Your layout is very good! Nice and clean with easy on the eyes font.

  4. literally all of these things are perfect, especially the scarf! :) xx

  5. Had my eye on that dress for a while and I love the boots! I have just bought a really similar hat and would suggest buying your one as I haven't had mine off since I bought it! :D xx

  6. I love this wishlist! I bought some very similar boots from boohoo for just £25 you can check out my review here
    Love the bobble hat too! x


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