November 12, 2013

You Make Me Smile On Rainy days!

So I haven't done a lifestyle post in a while and I really enjoy doing them. I am thinking of doing a day in the life YouTube video soon or something like that to do something different. I love going for a long walk with Bella and Rob even when it is cold and raining. We went on a lovely two hour walk with Bell and she got super muddy but she loved it. She wanted to go play with the cows but they didn't seem as keen as Bella was. They are of my favorite animals, they are super cute. I always love to get a photograph with Bella when we go on days out and today was no different I love the photo we got together. I really need to print some of them off soon to put into a lovely frame in my room.

I adore Autumn walks as the leaves and trees look incredible with all the colours. I really need to invest in some new wellies as I wore my Vans and they soaked up so much water.
I wore my new Joules jumper and it kept me super warm under my North Face jacket, I just know I will be buying more Joules from work soon! 
Days like this are the best and Bella always has such a great time which makes me happy.


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