December 22, 2013

Decoration Shopping - Turbary House!

Last week Friday Rob and I went to Turbary House near where I live and it was magical with all the Christmas decorations. So many fairy lights, it was just beautiful. I found so many decorations I would have wanted for my own tree but that will have to wait till we get our own home next year! I loved the little ginger bread decorations and the owls, I took my university owl images at this little place so I adore visiting. We stopped off in the little cafe to have a yummy hot chocolate as it was raining and cold outside. I adore Christamas and everything about it, this was a perfect little day out with Rob. I am so excited to decorate our own home next year with so many different decorations. I would love to stick to the theme of gold, silver and red as I found so many I adored and of course loads of fairy lights!

I am so excited for Christmas only few more days to go and we can eat yummy turkey and open presents as a family. I am so exited to give Rob his presents but I am still on the hunt for some more! This Sunday I will be wrapping all my gifts in cute wrapping paper, best time of the year!




  1. Aw this all looks lovely! :)

  2. decorations shopping looks so cute and fun! i don't even remember ours being bought, may be a while before i have my own house to decorate haha!
    lily x

  3. Aw what a lovely festive blog post!


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