December 20, 2013

Mac Lipstick - Ruby Woo

This is my most treasured lipstick, I tend to wear it when there is a special occasion such as birthdays and I will be wearing this on Christmas day for sure. I love the texture of this lipstick at first I thought it goes on really odd but then after a couple uses it is perfect. I love matte lipsticks as for me they suit my skin tone and they stay on longer and feel great. I do love the Rimmel 107 lipstick as a red that I could use most days but this one I love to use when there is a occasion or dressing up as it stands out perfectly and goes well with my make up. 

Loulabeth got me this lipstick on her way to Turkey earlier in the year as shocker I have never purchased a Mac product as of yet. I really want to have a full make up kit of just Mac but that will have to wait for now. booo!

I love to take make up inspiration from Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Swift and many more with the classic red lip. Wearing red lipstick is my favorite look and this product is amazing, the quality and feel of it is great. I would recommend anyone to this lipstick if they want a beautiful red lip for this Christmas.

I absolutely adore this product and it makes me want to have a big spend on the Mac website!
This is a more recent post of my hair, I recently had it highlighted as it was very dark before. I do miss my dark hair but this colour brings out my skin tone and eyes better. Plus is is easier to manage as I don't have to dye it as much. 

What do you think of this product?



  1. hair colour looks dead goood abi (:
    we need a trip to a mac store soon! xxxx

  2. I have this lipstick and I love it! Definitely worth the money and hype! :)

  3. That colour looks so gorgeous on you! I love Ruby Woo so much but I don't really wear it for everyday. I love it for a performance or show though because it's so long lasting.

    Nailah xx


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