December 08, 2013

MrNutCase Personlised Phone Case!

I got contacted on Twitter to participate in reviewing this case. It came at a really good time in a way because I had been looking through all my images and wanted to create something with it. I got to add 2 photographs of my bellas daddy, he since has passed away which is heartbreaking for my family but it is amazing to have included him in the images. 

This phone case could be an amazing present for someone like me who is addicted to Instagram, you can create a hard cover for your phone or a flip case. I chose the hard cover as that is what I usually go for when buying new phone cases. The quality of the print is amazing and it came back just as I was hoping as my photographs mean a lot to me. I love to get my images printed out and this is lovely to have on my phone. I can look at it everyday and be reminded what an amazing little family I have. 

I mostly added images of my little pooch as we always take photographs of us together on long walks. I have added a few images of Rob too which is great. I love this so much and I am so happy I have it to remind me of my little collie family!

The quality and price of this is awesome and it is great for a stocking filler or a little gift for your best friend! The delivery was super fast and I was shocked how fast I received it as I was really looking forward to seeing the final piece.

I love anything like this with personalised images on and I am addicted to changing up my Iphone case!

What do you think of this product?
Get yours at Mr Nut case :)



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