December 30, 2013

New Year Resolutions 2014!

Last year when I started my blog I made a new years resolution blog post, I managed to tick so many goals this year and I am proud of this as usually I look back at my goals and think oops not much has been done. This year I made sure I met at least half of my goals and here is the blog post to show you guys what I achieved. ( Achieved goals 2013 )

This year I thought I would do the same post and see how many goals I can achieve by the end of 2014. Not many people like to set goals on new years but I like to make notes and keep diaries so this post is fun for me and it keeps me motivated, reminds me on what I set myself. I am my own enemy when it comes to university work or keeping up with weight loss or gaining too much, I beat myself up about little things but this year that will change! I am going to let myself feel calm and enjoy this year! I will list my goals below :)

so here it goes my goals for 2014!

  • To start off the goals of 2014 my first one would be to save some money to go towards a car, holiday and our first home.
  • no stress this year and to not worry about little things.
  • this year for me will be exciting, I want it to be a year to remember.
  • exercise and keep a healthy diet. only to make myself feel better and feel toned up.
  • go to the gym at least 2 times a week min.
  • re join the gym classes such a zumba and yoga.
  • get myself a car that won't give me as much trouble as my recent one has given me
  • I want to carry on blogging as I really enjoy it and post as least 5 times a week.
  • This year we will get our own home and this will be super exciting! 
  • eat less chocolate as I have a huge sweet tooth.
  • go on adventures and long walks!
  • Go to the beach more often in the Summer with our dog.
  • I want to learn a couple new skills this year! 
  • visit London more often 
  • Book a mini holiday to Paris!
  • I want to carry on with my photography projects!
  • start a YouTube channel?
  • carry on printing out my photographs to keep them safe!
  • Read more books!
  • I want to sort out my wardrobe become more involved in fashion.
  • I will carry on to look after my dog Bella to the best I possibly can, she is my little angel.
  • spend more time with others and plan more days out!
  • take plenty of photographs!
  • start exciting projects!
  • I want to fall in love with many things this year and just enjoy life!
  • discover new things
  • blog blog blog as I just really love to type up posts and spend time on my blog.
  • do more lifestyle posts and go on fun days out!

This year for me, I want it to be exciting such as getting our first home, going on mini holidays, saving to go Australia for a holiday and just having a great fun time. I want it to be about finding myself and seeing the world.

Do you have any New Year goals?
Send me your blog links to read them as this sort post is my favorite to read!
Here are my 2013 goals! LINK

Happy New Year everyone!!



  1. Totally agree with all these resolutions and I think they are very realistic! :)

    Abundance of Erica

    1. thank you hun, I like to try keep realistic ones or I will feel upset if I havn't reached many at the end :) its a good way of getting some ticked off :D xxx

  2. I will definitely join you on the days out to the beach in summer :) with pennie coming too of course! :D xxx

  3. A mini holiday to Paris sounds lovely! :)
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