December 12, 2013

Secret Santa - Lush

Secret santa £5.75

recently I went to Lush to treat myself to some goodies. I absolutely love Lush and they are the only bath bombs I buy at the moment. I love this one as it makes your bath go bright orange, I mean bright too! It fizzes like crazy and when its all gone leaves you with a smell of the lush shop. Its just ineradicable, It also has a mini red Santa in the middle which is so cute.

You are left with a rich smell of essential oils and your skin feels amazing and soft after. I love how orange the water went, makes bath time more fun. I tend to shop at Lush more in the winter and Christmas as having a bath is just the best after a day out in the cold. I love the beautiful smells that they create and they leave you feeling great!

Which products do you recommend from Lush?



  1. I think i need to get this before they stop selling them! Sounds lovely!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. I need to try this normally I just buy the candy cane but want to try the others this year x
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