December 23, 2014

December Favourites 2014!

 December has been one of those months that I enjoy using most of my products and I found it hard deciding on the outstanding products because I have enjoyed so many. Lush, Soap & Glory, Thisworks, Bourjois and many more have been a huge highlight of my month. December I find that I use so many more products, I think its because its such a festive, exciting month and a bubble bath is essential to use all your favourite products. Lush Christmas is a must in December and I found myself buying more and more products to use. I found the perfect skin care routine this month too, using Witch skin care and I love the black head clearing gel. This product has been a huge staple in my favourites this month. I want to carry on this skin care routine into 2015. 
 Blogmas has been a huge part of my December, doing 23 blog posts this month has been hard but so exciting and fun. In November I decided to plan out every single day in my new note pad I got when I traveled home from London a couple months ago from Paperchase. Its been so exciting planning out blogmas and January has been planned out too. This will be a new thing for me, I have enjoyed writing down all my ideas, I usually use my Iphone. I hope you have enjoyed my Blogmas, its been fun and I know I will be doing more and more next year. I am so excited for 2015 and I hope you will continue to read my blog. Thank you for all your support over the past couple years and over Blogmas you kept me going and I fully enjoyed it. I more motivation has been this book by Paul Arden, its great. A book full of quotes, wisdom, pictures and wit, talking about briefs, creativity and making mistakes. Its a great read, it has a great insight into how to train your mind to think a certain way. I got mine of Amazon if you fancy reading more. ( link)
 As I mentioned above Lush is a huge part of my December, I love the festive products. I found myself buying more and more over December, I have loved the penguin and Snow Fairy. Snow Fairy is a must in December, I feel lost without it. It smells gorgeous and its the perfect glittery, sweet product to pamper yourself with. Soap and Glory The Next Big thing set went on sale a week ago, I got mine online and I am so pleased I did. You get 10 full size products and my favourite has to be the Sugar Crush body scrub. It smells amazing and its perfect to use over Christmas, if you fancy a read here is my post on all the products in the box set.  My Beefayre candle smells gorgeous, this has been something I use a small amount of but when I do light it, it makes me so happy. This has to be the candle of the year for me, such a special piece to own. 
 A brand that has stood out to me this month has to be Make Up Revolution, I found myself in Superdrug looking at what else they had to offer. I found this Focus & Fix concealer which works wonders, I usually only use the Collection concealer. So this is a huge step for me when changing my concealer, I have enjoyed using this one and its more than half the price of the collection one. You can pick this up for £2 which is a bargain product and it works wonders, i used this nearly everyday of December. Its such a great colour match to my skin too and it brightens up my under eyes, easy to use and it does the job well. 
Paul Arden

Bourjois has stood out to me this month more than any other month this year, I am in love with their Winter collection. The new eye shadow quads are gorgeous and the glitter section makes me so happy. Perfect for a festive and New Year look, easy to apply and they all look fab. The mega liner has been a game changer for me this month, it creates thick or thin lines and it looks gorgeous on. Its the easiest liner I have ever used and its creates the smoothest, most precise liner. This will be a product I use for a very long time, its a huge game changer for me and I am so pleased with how it has changed my make up. So easy to apply, so fast to apply and it glides on creating the perfect flick. When this runs out I need to run to the shops to buy another one, one of the best products I have ever used.

I hope you have an amazing Christmas, I am so excited that its only 2 more sleeps away. Thank you for all your support in 2014, it really means the world to me and I hope to see you in 2015 too. My blog means so much to me and I have so many plans for you in 2015, I hope you have enjoyed my Blogmas. If you have only just joined in, there is 23 blog posts for you to read in December. I hope you all have an amazing New Year and I will see you soon. I might post before New Year..

What are your December favourites?


December 22, 2014

DIY Snow Globe!

Over the festive period I love to make some personalised gifts, one that stands out to me every year is the Diy snow globe. This is such an easy and fun idea to do over Christmas, you only need a handful of things to make this work. You can get creative with your design of the snow globe, designing your own theme. 

  • Water
  • Mason Jar / washed baby food jar.
  • Toy
  • Glitter
  • water Resistant super glue
You can add in ribbon or cloth to the outside of the snow globe, this creates the perfect DIY gift for Christmas or even birthdays. You can design the snow globe to suit you or the person you are giving it to. I love the idea of making the snow globe with water and without, both look super pretty. You can pick up mason jars from Amazon or even in TK Max. 

This is such a great gift idea this Christmas, you can gift wrap the snow globe too. Its fun to do and its personalised which is perfect.

Would you make one this Christmas?


December 21, 2014

Make Up Revolution- Eye shadow & Contour palette..

This is a do it all palette, it comes with six eye shadows and a contour kit. This makes contouring super easy and it creates the perfect make up look that I reach to most days. I love the eye shadow shades it comes with, they all work together very well. I'm new to contouring and I still need to get the hang of it which makes this palette perfect. 

The contour kit contains a blush, highlighter and bronzer to suit all complexions. It comes with a full size mirror which helps when you need to contour, you can move the palette to the light of the window. My room is very dark in the morning so being able to transport this to my window from my dressing table. I use my Real techniques brushes to apply all of the above but it comes with a little make up applicator too. 

If you are new to contouring like me, this palette makes life easy. I want to learn how to contour and this kit is a great starter point, its such an amazing price. You can pick this up from Make Up Revolution online or in your local Superdrug. I love how the eye shadows bring out my eyes with a natural shimmer to it. This palette is perfect to create a natural make up look with, the blush is the perfect pink to add some colour to the skin. I have been enjoying using this palette and would highly recommend it.

If you want to see a full make up look using this palette as part of the look head over to this blog post to see more. I think Make Up Revolution have done a great job, all the colours in this palette work wonders together and they create a gorgeous natural finish.

Have you tried this palette?

December 20, 2014

Two Perfect Lip Shades For Christmas Day.

On Christmas I find it hard to pick a lipstick shade, I want to wear red but knowing I have to eat with it on makes me stay away from it. I came across two perfect shades this year for Christmas Day or even New Year. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet are perfect for the festive season, you can wear them bold or apply them with your finger for a subtle look. Easy to apply and long wearing which is great. I found that if you wear the red all day the colour fades when you eat or drink but it leaves your lips with an amazing tint of colour.

Hot Pepper is a shade I am loving at the moment, I usually wear bright red lips but this one has such a great staying power and it feels soft on my lips. I am a Rimmel 107 girl usually but this Christmas I want to wear this red out to my moms house for Christmas morning and if I need to I will wear 06 Happy Nude year as it gives the lips a gorgeous light pink tone. They are easy to apply and the staying power is incredible, they don;t smudge. 03 is the perfect shade for a pop of red that will last all night looking great, it fades into a gorgeous pop of colour. The applicator makes it easy to apply in the corners of the lips and leaves you with a quick and simple perfect lip.
06 - Happy Nude Year*
06 Happy Nude year has to be my favourite shade from 2014, its a recent find but its here to stay in my make up bag. I am obsessed with wearing this shade, I enjoy putting a small amount on by using my finger or if I'm going out I use the applicator for a more bold look. It sets off my make up well with the winged eye liner and it feels great on. They are super smooth and they don't dry out your lips which over the festive season is a bonus. I enjoy using these products because they look great and they are comfortable to wear. I was lucky enough to try both shades from a goodie bag but I know I will be buying some myself very soon, I want to try more colours out.

I find that these two shades are perfect for a Christmas Day make up look, they have such an amazing staying power. You won't have to worry when you are eating your Christmas dinner. They fade into a gorgeous light shade of the product you applied before all the yummy food, which is great you can worry less about your make up smudging. They are gorgeous shades that I will be taking with me into 2015.

What make up look would you go for on Christmas day?

December 19, 2014

Make Up revolution giveaway- Girl Panic Eye Shadow Palette!

Make Up Revolution - Salvation Palette Girl Panic £6*
Make Up Revolution was kind enough to send me their new addition to their huge make up palette range, so that one of my readers can win one to try. I am a huge fan of Make Up Revolution, the palettes are outstanding. Make Up Revolution is available online and in store at Superdrug with a wide range of products. I love the eye shadow palettes because they are special and every single one I have tried works wonders. The pigmentation of each shade surprises me every single time, all the colours look beautiful on. 

In this palette you get beautiful pink tones, nudes bases, chocolate to copper, with a couple silver and smoked shades. Overall this is a great palette for nude to smoked make up looks, the packaging looks stunning too. you get 12 shimmer/ pearl shades and you get 6 matte shades which together greats an outstanding palette.

I love that the eye shadow palette comes with a large mirror inside, this is handy if you are doing your make up on the go. It works wonders when you are applying your eye make up at home too, I love to use it to apply the eye shadows then my liquid eyeliner. 

All you have to do is fill in all the requirements below to be in for a chance of winning this stunning palette. This giveaway is open internationally and i want to say a big thank you to Make Up Revolution for running this giveaway with me. This giveaway will run until the 11th of January, so it could be a New Year treat for you. 

Good Luck. 

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December 18, 2014

DIY Beauty Box/ last Minute Gift ideas!

DIY Beauty box.
Primark make up bag.

Make Up Revolution Palettes.

Its only seven days till Christmas Day, how exciting. I am really looking forward to Christmas this year but I still need to buy a few bits to finish off my shopping. I thought I would share with you some bits that could make perfect gifts or even stocking fillers. I am in love with all of make Up Revolution products, you can find these in Superdrug. Most of the items I have in this gift guide you can find on the high street this weekend. You can make a DIY beauty box this year, personalise it to the person and what they love. You can pick up make up bags for under £5 from Primark too. You could print out a list of all the products in the box and make it extra special, nothing beats a personalised gift. All you need to do is find a gift box or a cardboard box. You can wrap the box in Christmas paper too. 

You can add in products they love and products you think they would love to try. Add in their favourite tea and sweets with a note to explain each product. You can print the list of products at home and design it on Photo shop if you wanted a theme. 

Lush: You can pick up so many cute Christmas themed products from Lush this month to add to your Diy beauty box. I love the Butter Bear, penguin and snow fairy products, so much to choose from. It will make the box itself smell amazing when its opened which is a bonus. 

Make Up Revolution: You can pick up products by Make Up Revolution in Superdrug this weekend to finish off your Christmas shopping. The palettes are a good choice due to the quality and they look gorgeous. You can pick up a handful of products for under £20, they look more expensive too due to the sleek packaging. I love the packaging, you can pick up some gorgeous products. here is a blog post on my top picks from make Up Revolution. 

Soap & Glory: You can pick up minis from Boots to fill your beauty box up with, nothing better than a mini product. They are perfect for traveling or just to try out a few more products without buying the full size. I love the Soap and Glory minis, they smell amazing and look great. The Righteous butter would be the perfect product to add to a beauty box. 

Bourjois: You can pick up Bourjois in Superdrug and boots, usually there is a 3 for 2 deal on which is a bonus. They have gorgeous winter products out at the moment and the packaging of the quad eye shadows are heaven. All the Bourjois products look great and they are perfect for this Christmas season. I love most products by Bourjois, they are the perfect example for a gift for a beauty lover. Read more here and here if you want to read a full review on some new Bourjois products. 

Casetify: If you know someone who loves Instagram like I do, then a personalised phone case would be perfect. This could be a main gift or even an extra special gift in the beauty box. I find personalised gifts extra special. It is easy to do and it looks great, I made one a few months ago and its been glued to my phone ever since. You can make one here at Casetify.  

What do you think of the DIY Beauty box?

December 17, 2014

2014- My Year In Photographs.


At the end of each year I like to reflect on my year so that moving forward into the New Year feels fresh. This year has been one of those years I will remember for years to come, with some stories to tell for years. For one being shortlisted in the Cosmopolitan magazine blog awards, this will be something I tell people for years, From 50 000 to the top 10 in the UK, this must be something to be very proud of. My blog this year means more to me than any other year so far, I feel like I can be myself and I enjoy what I talk about on here. This is my life goal to carry on my blog, being able to reflect back on the year and writing about things I love. I really appreciate all the support you give me, I read every single email, tweet and comment, it means everything for you to take time out to read my blog. Over on Instagram I show you snippets of my life, from my dog to my blog. I share things with you that mean a lot to me and I am addicted to Instagram. 

This year I got to see favourite singer in the world live twice, Rob gets the best boyfriend award. He came with me to see Katy Perry twice in one week. It made my birthday very special this year and it was amazing to see her live again after seeing her California Dreams Tour a couple years before. I watch Part Of me more times than I can count on one hand but she inspires me and her songs make me smile, so this year I made sure to do more of what makes me happy. I have been enjoying Prism more than any other CD this year, its glued to my car radio..

If you follow me on Instagram you may know how much my dog means to me, she is a huge part of my life. This year she turned four and we have had such amazing days with friends and walking Bella makes my day. I am so happy this year, moving in to our home made the year special, it feels great to be able to be a family. I love our home and we are so excited for the future, 

This year feels like a special year and we are so excited for 2015, I hope you are enjoying my daily blogging in December. So much support and love this year, thank you for everything. I really appreciate all the brands I have worked with this year, means the world for you to recognise my work on my blog. 

I hope you all have a great Christmas, its only a week away!!


December 16, 2014

Soap & Glory- 'The Next Big Thing' Gift Box. What's inside?

 Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing 
Reduced from £60 to £29.
 Hattie Stewart Online box design.
 All the products in this box comes in this drawstring bag, which is ideal if you are giving this to someone this year. I love Soap and Glory, the packaging sets all this off for me. The box itself has a different design each year, this year they worked with Hattie Stewart. 
 In this box you get ten full size products which in its self is brilliant, if you are a big Soap and Glory fan like me. This set lasts me most of the year, I tend to use Soap and Glory most nights too. My favourite product in this set has to be the Sugar Crush body scrub. I tend to buy the body scrubs all year round, this one has a fresh scent. 

In this set you get: 

  • Hand Dream Super Cream.
  • Orangeasm Body Wash
  • Butter Yourself- Moisture Lotion
  • Heel Genius Foot Cream
  • Sugar Crush Body Scrub
  • whipped Cream Shower Butter
  • The Righteous Butter Body Butter.
  • Off Your Face- 3 in 1 purifying clothes
  • Sexy Mother Pucker- Lip lacquer 
  • Thick and fast Mascara 
I'm excited to try the Orangeasm and Whipped Cream shower gel, two products new to me. I love the scent of the Orangeasm body wash, perfect for Christmas and a scent to take you into the New Year. I am excited to have a pamper night on Christmas eve using some these products. The fact that it was reduced to £29 makes it the perfect Christmas bargain. I got the gift set online to get this box design, I set my alarm for 6 in the morning to order it. So pleased with the box itself, I love to re use the box for all my beauty products. Its the perfect storage box for my office, I love the Hattie Stewart design they have this year. Nothing beats perfect packaging, this one is the best yet. 

This is the most sought after gift set in Boots over December, we cans see why. You get ten full size products and the set itself is way over half price. The online version sold out by midday which I expected. I popped into Boots on that Friday and so many people had this set in their arms ready for Christmas or like me a gift to myself.

Both sets are designed by Hattie Stewart who is a British illustrator, which treats us to this beautiful, colourful hat box to keep. The box itself is incredible, its made from strong cardboard and comes with a silver faux leather strap. The pink drawstring bag can be reused too, this creates an all round good quality product. How can you go wrong with a set like this, I am so pleased with it. Christmas is never complete without some Soap and Glory, I am hoping to buy one each year. 

Even though this year I purchased this for a gift to myself, I might just keep it under my tree for Christmas Eve. I want to have a pamper night and get into my onesie ready for Christmas Day. So pleased I picked one up and managed to order one online, I hope you can find one in store this week too.

Let me know if you managed to buy one this year?

December 15, 2014

Monday Instagram Catch Up.

Onesie Morning / Pink Friday / Me / Soap & glory heaven /
Bella / Primark Christmas Jumper / Fresh Flowers /
Our Home / Lush bath / Bella and her biscuits / TK Max Find /
Advent Calendars / Saturday Morning breakfast / South Beach event 

It's been a long time since I updated you with my Instagram photos, which may not be too bad as its full of pictures of my blog, beauty and my dog. I hope you don't mind that as all these things mean the world to me. I am loving having my own home as you can see in a few photographs, we have started making it feel super cosy. We put up our first Christmas tree which is so exciting. It was fun finding decorations and thinking of a theme. It feels like a home now that we have sorted out a fridge and a washing machine. It sounds weird but I missed being able to go on a food shop and buy frozen things and yogurts. 

There are a few photographs of my little baby Bella but she is my world, the picture I uploaded of her and her biscuits makes my heart melt. My mom got them for her when she noticed a good deal in a shop, When my brother dropped them off her face was hilarious. I could not help but capture this moment, if you look closer her eyes look full of excitement. 

I am obsessed with Lush, more so in Winter. I am using up my Candy Mountain bubble bar at the moment. It has to be one of my favourite products by Lush but it won't beat Snow Fairy. I purchased a medium bottle of Snow fairy the other day, this is one of my Christmas staples. I love Lush over the Christmas period, they bring out so many amazing products. 

What is Christmas without a Primark Christmas jumper, this cute squirrel one was just £12. I went shopping with my mom last week and picked this one up to wear to hers on Christmas day. I love Christmas day, I am so excited to eat yummy food and spend time with my family and Rob. Another clothing item I have been loving is my bear onesie from South Beach*, I have been living in it. It keeps me warm when we have the heating off, its so soft and it has the cutest design on it. Perfect for the colder months and Christmas morning when you open your gifts. I did a blog post all about the onesie here if you fancy having look, it was a morning pamper session. 

On Friday we all know about the Soap and Glory set going on sale. It sold out online by the afternoon. I set my alarm ready to order one online as last year I was so close to missing out on one. I am super excited to pick mine up this week, this set is perfect for Christmas it has full size products in the set with a gorgeous box. It was reduced from £60 to just £29 which is a bargain. Let me know if you managed to buy one this year?
I hope you have been enjoying my Blogmas, keep an eye out for more posts coming up this week. 


December 14, 2014

£20 And Under Stocking Fillers.

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six /
Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven
I don't want to scare you but there is only 11 days till Christmas Eve, how exciting. I'm on the hunt for some stocking fillers and came across so many amazing ones on Asos. I wanted to share with you what I found on Asos that I would love to get in a stocking or products I would give in a stocking. I'm on the hunt for some at the moment and I might just have to purchase some of this list..

I'm going to start with the Models Own Sticky fingers set because I cannot believe this is only £10. This could be the perfect gift for someone who is obsessed with beauty or even nails. You get four colours and some nail stickers, it looks like a fab gift, I might have to just buy it because its such a bargain for such a great brand of nail polishes. This would be a fun set to use on Christmas day and for New year nails.

You can pick up so many cute things for under £10 on this post, the baby bunny light is only £4. I have one that Laura got me as a gift this year and it looks amazing on my bedside table, it gives off enough light too. The Ciate bauble is only £8 and its a great stocking filler, its got cute packaging and the brand itself is amazing. I think adding in a phone case is a fab idea, its more personal too. This cute one from Asos with the leopard print and cat face on it would look so cute on an Iphone and its a personal present to get someone as a lot of thought goes into phone cases.

The design your own stocking kit would be so cute to do as a little project on Christmas day. I love things like this, it creates fun memories with family on Christmas day and something different to get. You could even keep it for the year after to use. The snack boxes are so cute, I would love to take these to work. It creates a fun way to snack and take food with you to school, work or even to use at home for treats.

Oops the Ted Baker make up bag is £25 but I could not take it off this list of items. I am in love with the rose gold and the cute French bull dog on the front. This would make such a special gift this year, this could be a main gift too. Slippers and pajamas are something I enjoy receiving at Christmas, these bunny slippers look so soft and comfy. Nothing beats Christmas night eating chocolate in your new pajamas. 
Have you got all your stocking bits and bobs?

December 13, 2014

Personalised Birthday/ Christmas Gift Idea.

Hoobynoo World
On Blogmas day 13 I wanted to share with you a cute little idea for a gift this December, or even for Birthdays. My friend Katy had her birthday on Friday and this is what I got for her. We both love our dogs so much, so I thought this would be a lovely idea for a gift she could keep forever. I love that it is personalised which is perfect if you want to buy something different this year.

Over on the website you can choose from 49 different illustrations, from pugs to border collies. You get to choose between blue and pink for the background too, this is perfect if you want to buy one for a boy too. I love the spotty background, its simple yet so effective. You can also choose what you want to say  on the mug, I decided on I love my Cocker Spaniel Pennie due to loving the example it gave. 

The illustration of the Cocker Spaniel is what made the gift for me, she has Pennies eye brows. I love how you get to create this mug, its easy and quick to make. You then wait for delivery which is super fast, I got mine five days after purchasing this. I love all the dog illustrations, if you know a dog lover this could be the perfect gift. 

 This is something you can keep forever and its personalised which is perfect. Would you make one of these for your friends or family? 

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