January 29, 2014

Real Techniques- Your Eyes Enhanced Starter Set!

Your eyes enhanced 

This is my second set of Real Technique brushes, I have the Core collection too. This has to be my all time favourite beauty purchase ever, due to the ease of applying my make up. I love using my foundation brush from the core collection, it helps my foundation to glide on smoothly and helps it to look amazing. Before I used to just slap my make up on and go, now I take my time and actually enjoy it. This is all down to using these brushes. I can do a post on all my collection showing you which products I use and which brush? Let me know if that would be something you would like to read!

It took me a while to buy these brushes due to saving for a new car but I have been doing a few extra hours at work and decided it was time to buy them. I love them so much and I wear a lot of eye make up, why have I waited this long to buy them?
I am loving using them to apply my eye shadow to my eye brows, eye lids and even smudging my make up. I am not the best at applying my make up but even I can see a huge improvement since applying it all with these brushes. I also have the powder brush in which I use to apply bronzer and powder to set my make up looks. 

In this set you get:

Base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour.
Deluxe Crease Brush: Soft, over sized design for effortless contouring.
Accent Brush: Designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging.
Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush: Tapered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application.
Brow Brush: Distinctive shape easily defines brows.
Panoramic Case: Duel carrier and stand.  

I am loving applying my eye shadow and I have seen a huge difference in the way my eye shadow looks, plus it is so much fun learning to apply my make up well. I love having strong eye make up with the flick and all so these have made my life so much easier with application and the way it looks after. you get a panoramic case with the brushes which is super handy to stand up on your desk or even to have them in your bag on the go. The quality of these products are incredible as many of you may know . What I also find extremely helpful are the online tutorials and the brush videos, I would be lost without them. 

If you don't I really think you should try them out ASAP! 




January 27, 2014

My Top 4 Drugstore Foundations!

I try a lot of drug store foundations as it is truly really hard to find ones that you stick to for a while. I love to try out new foundations all the time but find myself really confused in which one is truly a good fit for my skin tone. Last year I decided to stick to ones that I knew worked and that was the Rimmel wake me up foundation, due to wanting to experiment with more eye shadows and other products. I absolutely loved this foundation all last year and it was my go to foundation for nights out and day looks, It does give your skin a bit of a glow but I tend to use it more in the Spring/ summer. Since finding Match Perfection and Photo ready I have been suing them more this year, they give my skin more coverage and less sparkle, which is what I want due to wearing a lot of eye make up. This is my own preference because the wake me up gives a lovely glow and coverage too, I just have fallen in love with Revlon photo ready due to the perfect coverage and it gives my skin a really natural look. I am not keen on the foundation sparkling in the winter so that was why I decided to try some more foundations out. 

I have all 4 in my make up draw due to being able to wear Wake me up in the Summer and the others for night and day wear. My all time favourite has to be Photo ready with Match perfection close behind it. I also tried out the Seventeen foundation due to it being on offer at Boots last year and it has surprised me. It does what it says and it clears up your skin within a couple weeks, I use this as a little concealer in a way when my skin is really bad. I honestly believe that it clears the skin. I probably should not be wearing the Seventeen one under another layer of foundation but for coverage when I have bad skin it works perfectly without looking really layered on. 

all four of them are great coverage and work really well all year round for me. I am loving them so much and after trying out so many foundations I do feel these have come up top of them all. I buy all my foundations in Ivory as i want them to not be too dark, then I put bronzer on top of them. I love having a foundation that really covers all the problem areas on my skin. They all apply really well and look perfect once set with powder. I recommend the Seventeen foundation for school as it gives you natural coverage and it helps to clear skin. 

which foundations do you recommend?



January 25, 2014

My Nail Polish Collection + Storage!

Recently I have collected a huge amount of the Barry M Gelly nail polishes. This is why I have so many because I just think they are brilliant. I do love to buy the Rimmel 60 second ones too because I am really fussy on how quick a nail polish will dry, I always smudge my nails if it takes forever. I wish I could say I was brilliant at painting my nails but I have a long way to go, I would like to try out nail art though. 

For my nail polish remover it has to be the Bourjois one due to the fact its easy to remove nail polish without faffing. It truly is a miracle product, I will not go back to buying any other one yet. I tend to go for blues, purples and anything with glitter in it, this seems to be the theme in my collection. I adore pastel colours and love how shiny the Gelly nails have, all you need it one coat of it too. I could do a full post on the Gelly nails if anyone is interested in that, let me know in the comments. 

I will invest in a storage solution soon when I get my own house but for now I use an old Glossy Box. I love being able to sit down and choose a different colour every week, I also threw away so many old nail polishes to make room for all the new ones. Barry M tend to have a 3 for 2 offer on in Boots, so this makes it extra tempting to buy more. I already have my eye on so many more colours for the Summer. You have to invest in a few different colours as you would be stuck for choice, right?

I have other brands such as Elf, Models Own and many more. The nail polishes I would like to buy next would have to be some Essie!! When I get some new storage I will do a second post on that. 

I have a big obsession with buying nail polishes, this time last year I only had about five!



January 24, 2014

The Blogger Made Me Buy It Tag!

( Small collection of my products )

Who are your most influential bloggers?
Who are the ones that you really rely on for reviews & swatches?

I read so many blogs that there will be too many to name but the blogs I find inspirational and I really enjoy reading are EssieButton and Temporary Secretary. I adore Sarahs style and you can tell she puts a lot of hard work into her beautiful blog. Estee has a lovely blog and her blog is a must for product reviews. Her reviews are spot on and reliable for sure, I also adore her dog Reggie, he is super cute. I love to watch her vlogs and tutorials on her YouTube channel. I also love Llymlrs, Vivianna Does Make up, Lily Pebbles and MilkTeef. So many I read on a daily basis though as I am inspired by so many bloggers and YouTubers. My favourite Youtuber has to be Fleur DeForce!

Do you buy a product solely as a result from one review from your favourite bloggers, or do you look for more reviews from others?

I go to my favourite bloggers first but I also love to check out so many blog reviews on the product. I usually wait to try out the products mentioned and see if it will suit my skin tone, eyes or even hair type before I take the plunge to purchase it myself. I do value my favourite bloggers review though and trust that it will be all truthful which is why I love to read their reviews on products. 

What is your most favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

I must admit I have learnt a lot from reading blogs and have truly bought a lot of things that I adore but the best thing I have purchased has to be my Real Techniques brushes, they have truly changed the way I apply my make up and it makes it fun too. 

Name five products that you have bought recently as a result of blogs.

Barry M Gelly nails, Rimmel Match Perfection, Real Techniques brushes, Collection eye shadow pencil and Kate Moss lipsticks.

Is everything you buy based on blogger reviews or are they some items you buy without checking out a review?

With products from the drug store sometimes I go in and browse for a good 45 minutes to find some products I would really love to try and products I know fit my skin tone etc but probably the other 70% I will look into product reviews from blogs. I love to read about products on blogs, magazines and I watch YouTube tutorials so this does make me spend a few more pennies in Boots. If it was a high end product I defiantly would check out my favourite bloggers for reviews as I don't want to waste my money!

Let me know if you do this post, I enjoyed reading the tag on Casually Awkward, be sure to check out her blog. Be sure to comment your links below if you do this tag!

I tag Loulabeth



January 22, 2014

Candy kittens - Recipes For Sweet Treats!

I actually found this in TK Max over the January sales and picked it up for £4 which is a bargain for a book that I want to put on my book shelf in my new home this year. I love cute little recipes that don't take forever to make, I am not the best at cooking or baking but I thought this will help me to make a few bits and bobs when I can have some friends round my home soon. 

I love made In Chelsea I must admit and thought that this would be acute book to have as a coffee table read. The images are cute and recipes seem easy enough to follow, there is something for everyone in this book. Seeing as it was such a bargain I could not leave it, I want to rival my boyfriends cook books as he is obsessed with them. 

In this book it shows you how to make milkshakes, muffins and kitten sticks, which sound perfect for tea parties!

Do you have this book?



January 21, 2014

Valentines Day OOTD - Miss Selfridge

I usually wait till the last minute to find something to wear for Valentines day and this year is just the same as I am not sure what is planned yet but I thought I would have a mooch online to see what I could wear. I thought I would do a blog post on an idea for you guys to see.

I used to adore Miss Selfridge and recently not purchased anything from there as there isn't one in my town. I thought I would have a look and I found so many things I would buy which is not good for my bank balance right now!

I found this outfit and thought it would be a cute outfit for a lovely meal out. I am loving neon colours right now and found this body con dress, you wont have to worry about a big jacket when your arms are covered up. I love this shape of dress as it is a very flattering shape and I hate faffing around finding a jacket to match sometimes. The shoes are beautiful and are not over the top so that it fits in with the style of the dress. The gold detail under the shoe sold it for me as I love black heels to  have something different to them. I wouldn't add a lot of jewelry to this outfit due to it being so bright but you can add one statement piece to bring out more texture to the outfit. I am loving big statement necklaces at the moment, I think they finish outfits really nicely. 

What are you going to wear this Valentines?




January 20, 2014

Lush Valentines Day!

One / Two / Three / Four

I thought I would show you the Valentines Day Lush products that I love. I am a huge fan of the Lush products, they always are a great treat to use and smell incredible. I am really fussy now with bath bombs since using the Lush products as I know how amazing you feel after using something from Lush. I am a big mush when it comes to valentines day as I love all the cute cards and products that are brought out. I prefer Christmas as Lush as I just want to buy everything 100 times over but how cute are the valentines products?

I love the little love locket as it is filled with paper love hearts when you pop it in your bath and then in the middle there is a little heart that is filled with agar hearts. This just sounds perfect and super cute don't you think!

Firstly I love the packaging of the Toucan love package, the colours are incredible and this would make a cute gift this valentines. It is filled with a massage bar and a cute Tisty Tosty bath bomb, which is a popular one at Lush. This has the vibe of a romantic tropical  holiday, if only we could go away this valentines!

Will you be buying any of the Valentines products?



January 18, 2014

Health And Fitness 2014

This year I want to make a real effort in finding food that I enjoy eating as recently I have not been able to eat meat at all, never been a big fan of meat really from a young age so I decided to cut it out my diet completely. This has really made meals with my family hard as I am the one that needs to eat different every night. I have recently found a couple healthy meals I enjoy eating so that is a good start to this years meals. I also want to exercise more as I just want to be happy with myself and healthy.

Here are a few things I want to change this year:

Focus: I really want to get my head in the right frame of mind and really focus on this goal this year. I really want to feel great and feel happier in my self. I want to exercise more and really use my gym member ship. I love to swim but I also want to really push myself to do at least an hour work out first.

Classes: Last Summer I managed to loose two stone in 6 months just by going to the gym and really looking after myself, choosing the right things to eat. It is so easy to get out of a routine and I really want to get back into this. I went to 4 classes a week, now I really want to do at least 2 this time to get back into it. It really was fun to join all the classes too. I loved Zumba and Pilates, so I need to get back into this.

Gym Clothes: One thing that makes me happy and motivated to go to the gym is new gym clothes. I have already purchased some and this helps to motivate me to go. 

Gym Free Days: I really want to make a effort on my gym free days to do something productive and go for a 30 minute walk or just a quick run with my dog. This will help me keep motivated to do good and keep me in the right frame mind. I also will pencil in days that I go to the gym and when its done tick it off my list!

Diet: By diet I don't want to stop myself from eating all bad food, I mean by eating well and keeping myself healthy. Eat more fruit and try more vegetarian foods as I just hate eating meat, makes me feel ill. I will make an effort to try different meals and eat well. I only want to eat the odd chocolate too, I have a big sweet tooth and it doesn't help matters. I also want to take meals into work instead having a cheese/ salad sandwich each shift. Food blogs send me your links, I will need help! I also need to start eating breakfast to keep me going for the day, has been said it is the most important meal of the day!

Exercise Apps: There are a few good apps that you can download to keep you motivated on gym free days too. This is great as it changes up your routine. I have downloaded the Nike Training one. It is great fun and it keeps track on your progress. 

Do you have any health and fitness resolutions this year?



January 17, 2014

Jergens - Ulta Healing Moisturiser

This has to be my favourite moisturiser so far because it makes your skin feel extra soft and nourished. I use this after my bath or shower most days and it feels great, the quality of it feels expensive and it defiantly does what is says on the bottle. I struggle to find moisturiser that doesn't break out my skin and isn't strongly scented. I use the scented creams for my body and use this one for my face most of the time. It takes about ten minutes max to dry before you apply your make up but I don't mind this as after it is dry my make up glides on perfectly. I have dry skin and finding a product that keeps it moisturised is hard work, this does the job perfectly. 

My mom used a sample of this in a magazine and then she went out to buy it, I then used some of hers and instantly asked where can I buy that product. It keeps your skin hydrated all day and doesn't leave any greasy feel behind after application. This year I want to look after my skin well and this is helping me achieve this as it is so lovely to use and it makes my skin look healthy and looked after. It feels great when you apply it, you can feel it working on the dry skin. It has a perfect soft scent to it and after it dries my skin feels super soft and it doesn't go back to feeling so dry.

I adore this and it most likely will feature in my January favourites!

Have you tried this product?



January 16, 2014

Rimmel: Extra Super Lash mascara

 Rimmel Extra Super Lash
101 Black Black 

This is my all time favourite mascara and I always make sure I have one in my make up bag. I buy mine from Boots but I could not find the link on the website but I have added the link to the Rimmel site for you guys to check it out. I usually go into Boots to find mine and for some reason I am so fussy when it comes to mascaras. I love my eye make up to stand out and full eye lashes for me are a must.

This product does the job perfectly and it is super dark to which I love. The quality for me is amazing and for me Rimmel just seems to be my go to drug store product. It is just a simple brush but the volume it creates is incredible. Some mascaras for me seem a tad weak and I have to really put loads on the get the full look I want but with this one you can wear the smallest amount and it brings out your lashes. I really should have more mascaras in my make up bag but when I know this one works it has to be my mascara essential.
Mascaras for me is the one product I enjoy testing out and I have purchased so many, when new ones come out I have to try them its a bad addiction! This one for me has stuck around for a while and I really enjoy using it.

Have you tried this product?



January 13, 2014

Rimmel: Clear Complexion

This is my all time favourite setting powder, I always make sure I have this one in my make up bag for when I am away from home or just to have it really. It is my go to powder for when I know I need something that works and I trust to do the job. It is a decent price to so I am happy to re purchase it as well as trying out new ones. I have a few setting powders but this one stands out to me every time I go into Boots. The packaging is quit simple and I would love the lid to be more secure but for the price you pay you get a perfect powder that sets your make up just right. It is great quality for what you pay and it leaves your skin looking well polished. I love my skin to have a slight glow but not too much of one, this gives it a slight matte look for my skin but I love that. I tend to add only a little to my face and it sets it all day. When I use this powder I never top up on my foundation or anything like that. The only think I have to keep an eye on is my lipstick, which for me is fuss free and I love it. I use my Real Technique powder brush to apply it and it works wonders, it makes sure I don't add too much powder and make my skin look dull. 

Do you use this product?



January 12, 2014

Get The Look: Jennifer Lawrence

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven

I thought I would do a get the look blog post as I really enjoy doing these and this weekend I went to see the film American Hustle, so this caught my attention that I firstly love Jennifer Lawrence and her style. I chose to look on the Topshop website to find affordable bits and bobs that you could use to recreate this perfect look she wore to promote the film in New York. 

Firstly I love this look as it is simple but super sophisticated, I love the white and black contrast between the top and bringing back in the white with the shoes. I think that this look would look great to lengthen the legs and make you look a lot taller, I need this trust me as I am only 5'3. I adore wearing black and white whilst bringing in some colour with jewelry. I love that this outfit has simple jewelry and I added in this two tone necklace, sticking with the theme of black and white. 

with her make up I thought that the smokey eye looked incredible, this eye shadow duo from Topshop would do the trick to create the look. I would probably add some eyeliner and a flick to my eye with this look. Her lipstick looks quite subtle which is why I chose a pretty light pink to go with the rest of the make up. I feel that the eyes stand out so much you would only need a light lipstick if any. 

Would you re create this look yourself?
What do you think of American Hustle, I absolutely loved it!

January 11, 2014

Beauty Bucket List!

 Just a section of my beauty product collection!

I have already done a post about my resolutions for 2014 but I thought it would be fun to do some beauty related ones. I have seen some awesome blog posts relating this and thought why not set myself some. If I write things down I tend to want to do them more, I just love making lists of things to do, it keeps me motivated.

So here are the top 6 beauty resolutions for 2014!

  1. Wash my brushes: The one thing that I have read the most on other peoples blogs, wash make up brushes. I agree with this, I do forget sometimes and think darn should washed these last night. This year I am going to make sure I keep my beautiful real technique brushes well washed! 
  2. Knowledge:Try more make up brands out of my comfort zone, I tend to stick to a lot of drug store brands and as much as I adore them I would like to expand my knowledge on  more brands.
  3. Eye brows: I would like to get my eye brows done more often at a salon as I think once they look perfect the rest will fall in place when you do your make up. I have really thick eye brows, some people adore this but I just love them to look really neat and not too thin.
  4. Treats: I would like to treat myself to getting my nails done at the salon and learn to paint mine more neatly. I am so impatient when it comes to letting them dry.
  5. Snip Snip: I want to keep my hair in good shape this year, I do want to try get it trimmed more often and keep it healthy. I miss my dark hair but I don't want to keep dying it.
  6. Spa Days: Attend a spa day please, this is a must this year!
What are your beauty resolutions?



January 09, 2014

Maddie On Things

This has to be the best book I have ever received, not only the fact I love dogs it is just a great photography project that captures your heart, imagination and you can follow his adventure with Maddie. I love the project Why we Rescue because each image takes you through a different path and understanding. I love that you can look at the images and listen to the people tell you their story. 

I got this book for Christmas and just adore it as I have been asking for a copy for a while but as I was about to purchase it Rob told me just to wait a few weeks till I did so I kinda had an idea it might have already been purchased for me. 
I have been following Thiswildidea on Instagram for a while and I just love every single image. The compositions and imagination that shines through each image is just incredible. It is a wonderful story that makes you smile every time you see an image of Maddie.

The first few pages you are taken through the story of how Maddies started to stand on things which is great and then you see the progress of the images as you flick through the book. This is a great book for me as I am dog crazy and I love photography projects that revolve around the theme of animals. 

I have one of the images as my Ipad background, I just think it is a great project and a lovely book to keep safe. When I move into my own house this year, this book will defiantly be on show. .I would even be tempted to buy a print for our living room! 

What do you think of this book?
It is one of my all time favourites already this year!



January 08, 2014

Fearne Cotton Gift Set

I got this beauty bag for Christmas and absolutely adore it. I love the vintage floral print and the products smell amazing. I love the quilted wash bag and the inside when you open it, it is just perfect. I love this wash bag and after all the products are used up this will be kept safe for my bath room in my own house this year. I love the packaging so much as well as the products, the products inside smell beautiful and it is perfect size products to take with you on holiday this year or traveling to a friends house.

This gift set includes:

  • Bottle of body wash
  • Bottle of body lotion
  • Body spray
  • Body polisher

I love Fearne's range and could purchase all of the products from Boots if I could. I am so pleased with this gift and it is a perfect size to carry in your bag. I keep the body spray in my hand bag handy when your on the move and want to smell great. I have used so much up of the body spray already and adore it. 



January 07, 2014

Soap & Glory: Yule Monty Set!

Soap & Glory Yule Monty

So everyone that shops at Boots at Christmas probably knows about this amazing offer. 2012 I didn't manage to get one because it sold out so fast but this year thanks to Twitter I went straight to Boots the day it was announced. It is just a offer that is brilliant, you get all of these products for £27 and it is reduced from £60. I asked Rob for this as a Christmas present as I just love Soap and Glory, I buy so many products each year and I am never let down by them.

In this gift set you get:

  • Hand Food Cream
  • Sugar Crush Body wash
  • Righteous butter body butter
  • Peaches & Clean face cleanser
  • Heal genius foot cream
  • Butter yourself body lotion
  • The scrub of your life body butter
  • Thick and fast mascara
  • Sexy mother pucker lip gloss

I adore very single product in this gift set and it will last me a good while even though I use it nearly every day. My favourite product at the moment is the peaches and clean face wash it smells and feels great. My skin feels super soft after using these products, it is the smell of them that gets me, they are super fresh. The lip gloss is great and I keep the hand cream in my hand bag. I would highly recommend Soap and Glory as they make you feel great and ready for the day. Amazing products that I use most days and I adore the design on the bag they came in. It is super handy to keep all the product in and you can use it after for any products you want to keep in one place. 

Did you get this gift set for Christmas?
It is such a bargain!



January 06, 2014

2013 Beauty favourites!

This year I have been  lot more interested in the world of beauty and blogging. It was the year I started to want to do my make up in the morning and i found it enjoyable. Years went by where I loved everything about beauty, magazines and watching tutorials but last year I decided to try make my make up look decent and try out so many brands to see what suited me. I have enjoyed every moment of blogging and hope to push my blog further this year as I just adore it.

I won't name all of the products but I will explain a few of my all time favourites this year. I adore Rimmel and find myself having so many products in my bag or make up bag this year, each and every product done by Rimmel I just fall in love with, the quality and they are just perfection and a dream to use for a drug store purchase. 

To start off with I will say that without my Real Technique brushes I could not have achieved any of my make up looks this year. My foundation glides on and with the help of the brushes it can look absolutely flawless, so much better than when I used to just slap it on. I use the powder brush to add my Bourjois bronzer and this helps me to have a perfect glow to my skin. I just adore these brushes and I am so pleased I purchased them earlier in the year. I know for a fact I will want more this year!

Another brand that stood out for me and I know will never let me down is Soap and Glory. Each and every product I purchased I was so pleased with. I adore the smell of the products and the quality and feel of them are just perfection. My all time favourite brand of 2013 I will have to say as each product never let me down.

I am a huge fan of collecting lip sticks and this year my collection grew and grew. I adore the mac lipstick Ruby Woo that Loulabeth purchased for me for a graduation present and any lipstick or gloss by Rimmel I just adored. each and every one I own I use all the time. Kate Moss lipsticks are just perfect, they feel great on the lips and they last for hours. 

I love a good eye shadow palette and I could collect so many but this year I had two palettes I used and re purchased many times. They are from Sleek and Mua, Mua I just adore it is super affordable and the palettes start in at £4 each, which I think is incredible. I just adore the quality of both products and the packaging on Sleek is perfection.

This year I tried out many drug store nail polishes but there was just one brand that stood out to me and that was Barry M. I adore the shine and quality of the gelly nails, I have so many and I use them every week to change up my nails. Pictured are my five favourite colours. Some for the Summer and some for the winter, I literally wore them non stop. 

My favourite foundation of the year defiantly goes to Revlon Photo Ready, It is the perfect colour and quality for my skin. It is affordable and I just cannot change up my foundation just yet. I used the Rimmel wake me up for months last year and that comes in at a close second but the Photo ready just is a perfect all rounder for me. It just feels great on my skin and hides all blemishes without being too heavy layered on. I also love to use the Collection concealer, the hype over this product is worth it, trust me. 

Hope you all have a great 2014!



January 01, 2014

How To Make The Most Of A New Year!

I love to make new year resolutions but sometimes it is really difficult to stick to them as you probaly put so much pressure on yourself to achieve them and as soon as you go wrong you think, well there goes the resolution. Try to just think, right I need to learn from this and carry on and try to achieve this goal no matter what. Giving yourself by the end of the year or by the end May will put so much pressure on yourself that you are bound to beat yourself up about it. So I thought I would put into a post a few tips on how to make the most of a new year and a fresh start as some may say. I love having a new year to start new goals and challenges, so think of this new year as a book. What do you want in each chapter?

So here are a few tips that help me to stay focused and achieve those new goals, no matter what they are.

1) Stay calm

Easier said than done probably as sometimes it is hard to do so. I am a huge worry head and stress about so much in life but to be honest I probably can just take a step back and think, does this really need so much time to stress about? just take a few minutes to breath and go back to the goal. see what you can do to make it positive and how you can improve the situation.

2) Keep a diary

You can write down positive and negative things in the diary, it probably will help to keep so much information overloading your mind before you go to bed. This way you can sleep well and wake up refreshed in the morning!

3) Exercise 

even if it is for 15 minutes a day it will make you feel more motivated during the week. I love to go to the gym but sometimes you just need to get into a good routine. by doing a few minutes a day you can gradually go out for a run or join the gym. By doing exercise at home and getting into a routine you will know that joining the gym won't be a waste of money as you will have the motivation to go. This is a goal for me too, drink plenty of water and eat more fruit and vegetables. I want to do this so when I book a holiday, I wont feel horrible in my bikini, just imagine the feeling of relaxing on holiday not worrying and trying to hide yourself. Changing to eat healthy and looking after yourself will benefit so much mind and body. 

4) Have Fun

2014 for me is all about trying to find new hobbies and traveling. I want to explore more this year and book some holidays. even if it is to Paris I want to do it. Having fun will boost your year, make time for yourself and enjoy the year. I want to make great memories this year!
Do something out of your comfort zone each year and have things to look forward to. 

5) Read more

This for me is important this year as since finishing university I feel as though I'm not using my brain enough, if this makes sense. I want to learn a new skill or just read more often even if it is The Hunger Games! to be fair they are great books!

6) No Worry

I am going to actively try and ignore all worry this year, I am going to turn everything into a positive. If I feel stressed I will go for a swim at the gym or read, just something to block out the negative. Training my brain to block out negativity, easier said than done right? 
I had a great year last year but this year I want to change a few things like we all do each new year. 

7)Do something nice for someone else

 Taking some cakes into work or donating to the dogs trust? just make someones day special by doing something nice :) 

8) goals

set yourself goals but don't set yourself ones that you know are impossible to do. Set goals such as eat healthy but then don't beat yourself up about having a meal out that involves food that you banned. Try to aim to eat one vegetable a week then build it up so that you don't  loose track of the goal. Take in stages instead of going full on with the goal, start small. 

10) Enjoy each day and smile 

Make sure you just enjoy 2014! 


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