January 12, 2014

Get The Look: Jennifer Lawrence

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I thought I would do a get the look blog post as I really enjoy doing these and this weekend I went to see the film American Hustle, so this caught my attention that I firstly love Jennifer Lawrence and her style. I chose to look on the Topshop website to find affordable bits and bobs that you could use to recreate this perfect look she wore to promote the film in New York. 

Firstly I love this look as it is simple but super sophisticated, I love the white and black contrast between the top and bringing back in the white with the shoes. I think that this look would look great to lengthen the legs and make you look a lot taller, I need this trust me as I am only 5'3. I adore wearing black and white whilst bringing in some colour with jewelry. I love that this outfit has simple jewelry and I added in this two tone necklace, sticking with the theme of black and white. 

with her make up I thought that the smokey eye looked incredible, this eye shadow duo from Topshop would do the trick to create the look. I would probably add some eyeliner and a flick to my eye with this look. Her lipstick looks quite subtle which is why I chose a pretty light pink to go with the rest of the make up. I feel that the eyes stand out so much you would only need a light lipstick if any. 

Would you re create this look yourself?
What do you think of American Hustle, I absolutely loved it!


  1. Great look. This is so something I'd wear! I've been struggling with what to wear with my black trousers, I just need to get a simple white top!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. Love the look you put together. So simple and chic! :)
    Elephant stories and more

  3. This outfit looks so simple but gorgeous x



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