January 18, 2014

Health And Fitness 2014

This year I want to make a real effort in finding food that I enjoy eating as recently I have not been able to eat meat at all, never been a big fan of meat really from a young age so I decided to cut it out my diet completely. This has really made meals with my family hard as I am the one that needs to eat different every night. I have recently found a couple healthy meals I enjoy eating so that is a good start to this years meals. I also want to exercise more as I just want to be happy with myself and healthy.

Here are a few things I want to change this year:

Focus: I really want to get my head in the right frame of mind and really focus on this goal this year. I really want to feel great and feel happier in my self. I want to exercise more and really use my gym member ship. I love to swim but I also want to really push myself to do at least an hour work out first.

Classes: Last Summer I managed to loose two stone in 6 months just by going to the gym and really looking after myself, choosing the right things to eat. It is so easy to get out of a routine and I really want to get back into this. I went to 4 classes a week, now I really want to do at least 2 this time to get back into it. It really was fun to join all the classes too. I loved Zumba and Pilates, so I need to get back into this.

Gym Clothes: One thing that makes me happy and motivated to go to the gym is new gym clothes. I have already purchased some and this helps to motivate me to go. 

Gym Free Days: I really want to make a effort on my gym free days to do something productive and go for a 30 minute walk or just a quick run with my dog. This will help me keep motivated to do good and keep me in the right frame mind. I also will pencil in days that I go to the gym and when its done tick it off my list!

Diet: By diet I don't want to stop myself from eating all bad food, I mean by eating well and keeping myself healthy. Eat more fruit and try more vegetarian foods as I just hate eating meat, makes me feel ill. I will make an effort to try different meals and eat well. I only want to eat the odd chocolate too, I have a big sweet tooth and it doesn't help matters. I also want to take meals into work instead having a cheese/ salad sandwich each shift. Food blogs send me your links, I will need help! I also need to start eating breakfast to keep me going for the day, has been said it is the most important meal of the day!

Exercise Apps: There are a few good apps that you can download to keep you motivated on gym free days too. This is great as it changes up your routine. I have downloaded the Nike Training one. It is great fun and it keeps track on your progress. 

Do you have any health and fitness resolutions this year?




  1. Nothing better than reading other peoples fitness resolutions o get yourself motivated & this has been a really good read, i agree you definitely have to have days off im having mine today lol x


    1. Defiantly needing motivation :) I am glad you found this a good read <3 xx

  2. I love reading this kind of post- definitely motivating! I've found classes to work really well too, it's a lot easier to keep pushing yourself when there's a bunch of people around you going through the same torture. I've hoped to try more vegetarian foods too. How'd you reckon it'd be to try going completely veggie for a month I've been thinking of trying it!
    lily x

    1. Thnak you :) I am loving not eating meat, it makes me feel better and I am eating more veg :) xx


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