January 20, 2014

Lush Valentines Day!

One / Two / Three / Four

I thought I would show you the Valentines Day Lush products that I love. I am a huge fan of the Lush products, they always are a great treat to use and smell incredible. I am really fussy now with bath bombs since using the Lush products as I know how amazing you feel after using something from Lush. I am a big mush when it comes to valentines day as I love all the cute cards and products that are brought out. I prefer Christmas as Lush as I just want to buy everything 100 times over but how cute are the valentines products?

I love the little love locket as it is filled with paper love hearts when you pop it in your bath and then in the middle there is a little heart that is filled with agar hearts. This just sounds perfect and super cute don't you think!

Firstly I love the packaging of the Toucan love package, the colours are incredible and this would make a cute gift this valentines. It is filled with a massage bar and a cute Tisty Tosty bath bomb, which is a popular one at Lush. This has the vibe of a romantic tropical  holiday, if only we could go away this valentines!

Will you be buying any of the Valentines products?




  1. Prince Charming sounds amazing! Must get into a LUSH and smell this! :D
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  2. Lovely post I need to go into lush and see the new valentines stuff as they are different from last year :) love the cute packaging though very pretty x


  3. I've only recently got into Lush products but I'm now really excited to have a look at these!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic



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