January 29, 2014

Real Techniques- Your Eyes Enhanced Starter Set!

Your eyes enhanced 

This is my second set of Real Technique brushes, I have the Core collection too. This has to be my all time favourite beauty purchase ever, due to the ease of applying my make up. I love using my foundation brush from the core collection, it helps my foundation to glide on smoothly and helps it to look amazing. Before I used to just slap my make up on and go, now I take my time and actually enjoy it. This is all down to using these brushes. I can do a post on all my collection showing you which products I use and which brush? Let me know if that would be something you would like to read!

It took me a while to buy these brushes due to saving for a new car but I have been doing a few extra hours at work and decided it was time to buy them. I love them so much and I wear a lot of eye make up, why have I waited this long to buy them?
I am loving using them to apply my eye shadow to my eye brows, eye lids and even smudging my make up. I am not the best at applying my make up but even I can see a huge improvement since applying it all with these brushes. I also have the powder brush in which I use to apply bronzer and powder to set my make up looks. 

In this set you get:

Base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour.
Deluxe Crease Brush: Soft, over sized design for effortless contouring.
Accent Brush: Designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging.
Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush: Tapered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application.
Brow Brush: Distinctive shape easily defines brows.
Panoramic Case: Duel carrier and stand.  

I am loving applying my eye shadow and I have seen a huge difference in the way my eye shadow looks, plus it is so much fun learning to apply my make up well. I love having strong eye make up with the flick and all so these have made my life so much easier with application and the way it looks after. you get a panoramic case with the brushes which is super handy to stand up on your desk or even to have them in your bag on the go. The quality of these products are incredible as many of you may know . What I also find extremely helpful are the online tutorials and the brush videos, I would be lost without them. 

If you don't I really think you should try them out ASAP! 




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  1. I love this set! I've found the deluxe crease brush is also GREAT for concealer! :D
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