January 13, 2014

Rimmel: Clear Complexion

This is my all time favourite setting powder, I always make sure I have this one in my make up bag for when I am away from home or just to have it really. It is my go to powder for when I know I need something that works and I trust to do the job. It is a decent price to so I am happy to re purchase it as well as trying out new ones. I have a few setting powders but this one stands out to me every time I go into Boots. The packaging is quit simple and I would love the lid to be more secure but for the price you pay you get a perfect powder that sets your make up just right. It is great quality for what you pay and it leaves your skin looking well polished. I love my skin to have a slight glow but not too much of one, this gives it a slight matte look for my skin but I love that. I tend to add only a little to my face and it sets it all day. When I use this powder I never top up on my foundation or anything like that. The only think I have to keep an eye on is my lipstick, which for me is fuss free and I love it. I use my Real Technique powder brush to apply it and it works wonders, it makes sure I don't add too much powder and make my skin look dull. 

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