February 28, 2014

Twitter Q&A

I took to Twitter and asked you if there was anything you would like to know about my blog or me. Thank you to everyone that asked some questions, it was fun to do this post and I would like to do more of them in the future. I got to know a few girls through doing this and chatting on a blog chat, we have decided to do a little meet up and go to a cute cafe for a cup of tea and cake. I am so excited for this to happen in the Summer. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you would like to feature in future ones like this. 

@charleylucy I'm interested in fashion, film, music, art, photography and beauty so it felt natural to start my own blog to talk about all of the things I love. I started my blog in the summer of 2012 because I wanted to keep myself busy and to feel more creative for my last year of university. Its become a huge passion of mine since day one.  Lots of bloggers inspired me to start my blog too. 
My favourite part: I love the blogger community on Twitter, you get to talk to so many lovely bloggers via blog chats and I love to share my thoughts and reviews in my little space on the internet. 

@lusciouslanebb  My main piece of advice would be to just be yourself and work hard, hard work pays off in the end. Keep at it, if its your passion it will shine through in your work. I'm not sure how I got so many followers, I am so grateful to all the people that read my blog. It truly makes my day when someone tells me they enjoyed my blog post. 

@frankie_ch I have been blogging for two years now, I took a break when I was writing my dissertation last year to truly focus on it but now that I've graduated I want to put my all into my blog, I really enjoy it. 

@meganlilli_  I love how supportive so many people are. I love that we can chat to like minded people about anything and I really enjoy the Twitter chats. I love it when someone tweets me to tell me they loved my blog post or even to have a chat. It truly makes my day. Recently decided to do a meet up in Birmingham which sounds lovely. 

 @jessiekinsxo  I have so many favourite make up products it would be hard to choose just one but thinking really hard here I would narrow it down to Revlon Photo Ready foundation. That foundation works a dream, its my go to make up at the moment because it creates a perfect base to work of for my other products. 

@televisionary_  I loved your answer when you tweeted me asking me this question, its taken a lot of thought to think of a decent one like you did. I would love to be Smurfette because shes voiced by Katy Perry or Jessie from Toy Story because I grew up watching it. 

@loulabethx I would use Revlon photo ready, Rimmel super lash mascara and a Rimmel Kate moss lipstick in the shade 101 which is a light pink lipstick. My make up essentials. 

@slslw_ I'm inspired by everything,  magazines, YouTube, photography, books, people. 85% of the day I am thinking of a new blog post and what to do next. I love to feel creative and the interaction from other bloggers keeps me going too. I love it when I get a nice comment after working on a blog post, it makes my day. I am passionate about my blog and it doesn't feel like a chore at all, I can't see myself stopping any time soon.

@mbeautyobssion My greatest achievement, defiantly my degree in Photography. When I was ten years old I promised myself I would go to university and do something amazing. I honestly could not have asked for a better university experience,  moving from South Africa when I was 15 was worth it. I wanted to make myself proud as well as my family. My phobias, well it would have to be spiders, typical I know but the way they run with all those legs creep me out. I also hate how they can hide and jump out at you. shivvvvvers! 

Thank you for tweeting me your questions, I really enjoyed answering them for you. If you would like to see more blog posts like this let me know and tweet me @kemples1



My Week On Instagram!

Bella cuddles / Blog planning / Sleepy dog / My best friend / Mentioned by the editor in a magazine / Source Magazine / Selfie / Blogosphere magazine / OWLS! / Anniversary / meal with Rob / Nipper / Walkies / katy Perry calender / Selfies with Bella /

This past month has flown by, how quick has March come around. I think that this year has a good vibe about it. Every week on Instagram I post about my gorgeous dog Isabell but shes part of my life and I want to show her off to the world. This week we took many images that I want to print out to keep safe, she is my best fur baby. The last image I want to frame and put up in my room, shes my world. This wee it was mine and Robs 4 year anniversary, how time flies. We met when I was 19, how crazy to think this year I am 23. We went out for a lovely meal and Rob had some flowers delivered to my house for the morning. They are beautiful with glittery butterflies in them. This week I took a 'selfie' on my instagram, I must admit I don't tend to take many of them, but now and then its a must, maybe. 

This week I went back to Turbary Woods owl sanctuary, the place I spent many days and weekends at whilst in my third year of university, trying my best to perfect my final images. I had so much fun with this project and I really appreciated the time the sanctuary gave to me to let me hassle them with over 20 visits. I love the owls that they have, I was reunited with many of my favourites such as Nipper and Lilo. One of the owls hid away from the noise, so I went over to her and softly called her, she then hopped over to me like such a cutie, it made my heart melt. They adore these owls and its great to see, I was able to hold them again. I am a huge fan of birds of prey and hopefully I can get my project back on track within the next couple weeks.

One huge highlight of my week had to be being mentioned in the editors notes in Blogosphere magazine, it made my day and I am still smiling about it. 

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February 27, 2014

My Top Beauty Picks For Date Night!

These are my top products that I love to use on date night. We try do something nice each month, from bowling to the cinema. These products will create a delicate and soft look for the night, I don't tend to wear red or orange lipsticks due it looking quite harsh. I love to wear red and orange when its a bright sunny day or on special occasions such as birthdays. I love a soft pink lip to go to the cinema. I am loving the Mua lipsticks at the moment, you can pick them up for £1 in Superdrug or even online. I love the soft look when it comes to a pink, I am loving wearing light pink lipsticks at the moment. I think I'm excited for Spring, I love a good Autumn make up look but Spring/ Summer is my go to look, especially when you have a tan. 

I would recommend the Mua blusher in the shade Candyfloss, its such a beautiful strong pink. I love that it gives me a hint of colour to match my pink lipstick. I am a sucker for a good pink blush, I try not go ott with it but you can tone it down with the Bourjois powder, which sets the make up perfectly. It has a beautiful fragrance to it. I love how well it sets my make up, this product is one I want to keep in my make up bag for a while.

 My go to foundation at the moment has to be Revlon Photo Ready, it gives me a flawless finish which is smooth and hides all my blemishes. I have recently purchased another foundation that I will review once I have used it a few more times, so far its perfection. This foundation though is my go to everyday look. Its soft and stays on for hours, its the perfect base for the rest of my make up. I would then apply my Collection concealer to my eyes, nose and anything that needs hiding. This concealer is worth the hype, I love the coverage it gives my skin and it helps my skin look smooth and  ready for the day ahead.

I have been using my Bourjois bronzer everyday since purchasing it, I love the hint of colour it gives my skin. It makes my make up look 100 times better once applied, the colour is much needed to give my make up look that pop it needs, Bring on the Sunshine, I would love a stronger tan to work with. 

My recent favourite mascara has to be the they're real by benefit. I love how it gives my lashes that extra lift, I love my eye lashes to look full and for me it makes my make up look perfect. I wear a lot of mascara due to it being my favourite part to perfect, I love a good cat flick and long eye lashes. I would recommend using the scandaleyes eye shadow paint in the shade golden bronze, for me its easy to apply and it looks great. I would recommend a cat flick on tot, I wear this look probably everyday when I'm going out. I love this look and would wear it for a date night, I love that you can pick up all these products from Boots or Superdrug. I am loving Mua make up at the moment, the quality you get for an incredible price works wonders. I am a huge fan of the eye shadow palettes that you can pick up for £4, you can use them for this look too if you want to add a smokey eye to the look. Mua is a great budget make up brand with great quality products, you can pick up all your essentials for a great price. 



February 26, 2014

Non Beauty Favourites - February!

This is my first ever non beauty favourites blog post, I have no idea why I have never done one before. I love reading posts like this myself, my beauty favourites will be up by Sunday.
 I would love to do outfit posts this year so hopefully that will be an upcoming feature on my blog. 

I have three fashion items I am loving starting with my becks scarf, which was kindly sent to me by The Dressing Room for Christmas. I want to do some outfit posts soon showing you how I wear this scarf, its such a beautiful scarf. I have a full review of it here. The colour of it makes it easy to wear with so many of my outfits. Every time I wear it people comment on how nice it is. If I could have all of the scarves from this collection I would, the quality and detail are brilliant.  I love the star print on the scarf, its just so easy to wear and I wore it to work on Sunday. Watch out for some outfit posts featuring this beauty of a scarf, I keep it wrapped up safe in my wardrobe. 

In January I went to have a look at the Topshop sale, I was lucky enough to find this awesome beanie. I love this shade of grey and have been looking for a decent beanie for a while now. I picked this beanie up for £5, such a bargain. I wear this hat nearly every other day, it goes with so many outfits. I pop it on to run to the shop quickly or even pair it with some Topshop jeans and thick jumpers and your ready to go. I love the quality of the Topshop beanies, so pleased with my purchase. My Joules wellies make muddy walks more enjoyable, I love to take Bella on long walks but here in England we hardly see any sunshine. They are great quality wellies and have a cute horse design on them. 

So far this year, the film I have been loving has to be Rush. I watched it once with Rob and again with my mom. My mom and myself love F1, I grew up watching the F1 with her in the early mornings in South Africa. She used to be such a big fan, I want to be able to take her to a F1 race one day. This film has to be one of the best films I have ever watched and I have so many favourites. This film has to be in my top ten, the acting was incredible. I could watch this film over and over again this year. One of my favourite purchases without a doubt.

I went into Primark last week and found this black rose printed dress for only £3. I wore it to our four year anniversary meal. We went to a lovely Italian restaurant and this was a perfect dress to wear. I love the style of it, its flattering and I love the rose design. It was such a bargain from a Primark sale. I have so many dresses in this style, they fit me really well.

I recently got asked if my readers would like a free code to get themselves a personalised phone case, I said yes and received this Ipad cover, Since receiving it in the post, its not come off my Ipad. I love the cute design and quality of it. If you want to get yourself a free phone case, have a read of my review here.  code on that blog post for you guys. 

Last but not least, I am loving the Blogosphere magazine. I recently received my copy in the post and it made my month. Full review here if you fancy a read. 

Song I am loving this month has to be Katy Perry Dark Horse, she just released her video for it. I am so excited to see her live in Manchester in May. Tv series I am loving has to be The Walking Dead and The following. I have been a huge fan of The Walking Dead since series one, I love the acting, the make up is so well done and the story line. I cannot wait for series two of the orange is the new black,

What are you loving this month?



February 25, 2014

Wardrobe Update Wish List!

I may not be able to purchase anything right now but I thought I would do a little wish list with all the bits that I would have bought if I could. This is me trying to save money for my car by making wish lists but its not working because as soon as I saw this outfit put together I really wanted to purchase it. I'm going to have to be a good girl and just do the wish list. I am in desperate need of some new Jamie jeans from Topshop, they are incredible. I love the fit, style and quality of them. They are so comfortable and look great on, they are a huge staple for my style. I love dressing comfortable, this is key for me. I can't imagine anything worse than an uncomfortable pair of jeans. I will need to purchase some before the warmer weather kicks in, they are a key piece for me all year round. I would love to pair it with this cute slogan top, I love wearing t-shirts like this in the summer.

I am loving the jelly shoes, they remind me of my childhood. I used to love wearing mine and I would love to wear them this Summer. I think they look super girly and bring a little colour into the outfit. I am big on wearing dark colours, black and white so these would be perfect to inject some colour into my Spring/ Summer outfits. I am making myself go to the gym more, to be healthier and toned so this bikini would be the perfect motivation piece. I would love to look good in this on a little holiday. I love the colour, it would look amazing with a tan. I love the shape of the bikini too, not over revealing. The clear perspex bag would be perfect to take to the beach, I hate getting sand in my handbags. It seems to stay there for weeks after, so to have a cute bag like this would be great. I would love to match the bag with my jelly shoes!

What do you think of this outfit?


February 24, 2014

Superdrug - Face Mask Budget Buy!

 SuperDrug Face masks £2.59
Dead Sea Mud 

A couple weeks ago I went into Superdrug to have a look for some face masks as I know the do reasonable priced beauty products. You can defiantly find a bargain in Superdrug, which is great for when you are on a budget. I wanted some new face masks and while I was looking at the 99p ones I saw these right next to them. My instant thought was I love the packaging, cute pastel colours. I then realised they were on offer for two for £3.50, which is a bargain for two beauty products. I have defiantly found a gem, these face masks work perfectly with my skin. After one use I saw a difference, my skin looked healthier and my make up went on so well the next day. I love that these products are cruelty free, Superdrug are against animal testing which is great. 

All you have to do is put a small amount onto your face avoiding your lips and eye areas. Leave it on for around 10-15 minutes, or even leave it till the last minute in the bath. I think these products are amazing, I am so pleased I found these. They make my skin feel hydrated, exfoliated and really smooth. My skin instantly feels healthier and less dry, as you can tell this product is a winner and will stay in my beauty skin care for a while. They smell incredible which is a bonus, I love sweet smelling products such as Lush, the smell of these are so fresh. You can use the masks up to three times a week, luckily because I love them. 

You can purchase many kinds of this face mask from Aloe Vera to witch hazel mud mask , I am really tempted to get the full range. I got one mud mask and one exfoliating mask due to wanting a deep clean one and one to help with dry skin. I have used both many times since purchasing and as I say a huge improvement in my skin. I feel more confident to wear less make up again after using these products, I will be purchasing more.


February 23, 2014

Deciding To Get A Dog - My Experience

My Beautiful girl Isabella

I have noticed a lot of people and my friends are deciding to get their first dog. This is a big step towards a big commitment but its the most rewarding too. I have always had a dog in my life, in my family from a very young age. I can't remember ever being with out a furry friend in my family. I am a huge dog lover and always have been, they are great companions and make a family whole for me. The difference between getting a family dog and your own is huge. I used to have my own Rottweiler when I was ten, he was the most handsome, loving bug giant you could ask for. I love having a dog in my life and I just cannot imagine a life without my best friend in my life. 

So I thought I would share my experience of getting my own dog whilst working and when studying at university. It can be really scary deciding whether it would be fair to have a dog when you are at work all day. Knowing if you have the right amount of time to spend with your dog and deciding on which breed would suit your life and family. So here are my five top tips on choosing your dog and how I coped whilst studying. I'm thinking about doing a few more posts like this on different topics, let me know if you like them. 

  • First of all for me it was key that I had the right amount of time to spend with my dog. When they are puppies they need a lot of attention, toilet training to vet appointments can take up a lot of time. You need to have the patience to keep up with a puppy. They take a lot of time to train and keep occupied otherwise they may destroy your favourite shoes. Time is key because they need so much attention, I know when Bella was a puppy we constantly training her, keeping an eye on her, walking her and just generally making sure she had what she needed.  It is a great time when you have a puppy, they bond with you and you find out their personality as they grow. Its an amazing time of their lives and yours. I had Bella from day one, I was there when she was born. something I will never forget.
  • Choosing the right breed is important, you need to find out a lot of information about a breed before you make the leap. Its a fun time of your life deciding on which dog to buy and bonding with your new dog is amazing. I knew a lot of information about border collies due to owning many in my life but I still went out to buy border collie books and read up about their background and whats best to do for your dog. Collies need a lot of exercise as they are working dogs, as they have this in their blood. Knowing more information will help to find out if they will also fit into your lifestyle.
  • I have a great bond with Bella, she follows me around the house. She sleeps next to me when I need to do my work or blog. We go on lovely long walks together and honestly I could not see my life without her. She is truly amazing, she makes me so happy each and every day. This is an amazing thing, when you have your own dog you start to have this amazing bond. This is what makes having a dog the most incredible thing. Its so rewarding training your dog, spending time with your dog and everything that comes with having them. You start to know what each noise they make means, you know their body language. this bond is so important and it makes owning a dog so rewarding. I take Bella with me in the car and I make sure she has everything she needs, she is the most loved dog in the world. She even sleeps next to me at night, we spend so much time together and I adore her. 
  • I have noticed that a lot of people are worried about leaving their dog at home when they are at work. I have had a lot of help with this. There is usually someone in, she gets left about once a week alone in the house. I do think I worry more than she does, she always seems to be perfectly happy when I get home. When she was a puppy she had her water and bed in a dog cage in the lounge so that I knew she wouldn't chew something and she was safe. This helped me train her and keep her safe from any danger. Now that she is three she sleeps most of the day whilst we are out and if I am at my moms, she goes and sits on my bed asleep till I get back. I used to work and go to university each week, I used to feel guilty leaving Bella at home but I made sure she had a walk before I went this made sure she slept nicely in her bed till I got home or someone was in.
  • Most of all have fun, take your dog to shows and give them lots of cuddles. I took Bella to a summer fair last year and she came third in a sausage catching contest. Totally unexpected but it was so much fun.I was so proud of her that day, probably do it again this year. Take your dog for walks with your friends and their dogs, go on long Autumn walks with your wellies on. Owning a dog is the most rewarding time of your life, I love my dog so much, if you follow me on Instagram you may already know this. I would not change a thing about having my own dog whilst working and studying for my degree. 

She is the most perfect cheeky monkey in the world and I love her to bits. 

Hope this post helps you, if you want to ask anything leave a comment below or tweet me @kemples1



February 22, 2014

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 3 With Cover Star Fleur De Force!

A magazine about bloggers, what more would you want to read? I honestly think this magazine is a great idea. It showcases so many blogs out there, from beauty to food blogs. I found Blogosphere magazine on Twitter first and soon realised what a great publication it would become. I bought issue 1,2 and issue 3. The first Issue caught my eye due to it having Estee on the cover but when my copy arrived I knew it was going to be great. 

Issue three arrived on Thursday, as soon as I paid for my copy I could not wait for it to arrive. I love the quality of the paper, the content and even the people who put the magazine together. They truly care what goes into each page and you can tell by the outcome of each issue. I believe this magazine will go far. Issue three was my most anticipated issue due to it having the beautiful and talented Fleur De Force on the cover. She is a true inspiration to the blogging/ YouTube world and I adore her. Her videos and reviews are incredible, each and every post/ video shines. Her dogs are the cutest little spaniels ever too and she works so hard for what she has achieved, a true role model to many bloggers.

I love that Blogosphere magazine has the blogs in sections, ranging from beauty to photography, I love that blogging is combined with a photography section due to my love of both, I have a degree in Photography and having both interests in one magazine is a plus. you find so many new blogs to read and you see some of our all time favourite bloggers mentioned too, such a great mix of blogs. 

When I received my copy I tweeted Blogosphere magazine and they tweeted me saying ''have you spotted your mention?'' seeing this while I was reading my copy made me scan the magazine. Within seconds I saw my blog name in the editors notes section and it instantly made me smile. I then went on to read what was said, it truly made my day. This is a great example of showing how much they truly appreciate our support as a community. They deserve our support because they work so hard on each copy and every issue you are not disappointed by a single page. It means the world to me to have a mention in this magazine, it truly made me smile. 

If you would like to purchase this issue or more go to www.blogospheremagazine.com




February 21, 2014

My Barry M Gelly Nails Collection!

Lately I have been obsessed with one brand of nail polishes and that is the Gelly Nails by Barry M. I am addicted to purchasing these beauties, doesn't help they are on offer in Boots for 3 for 2. I love purchasing a few colours of each ranging from Summer colours to Autumn ones. I am a huge fan of pastel colours so Dragon and Prickly Pear are my favourite at the moment to wear. 

The quality and shine of the products are incredible, I love my nails to have that perfect shine to them. As I change up my nail colour at least every 5 days its important to me to a good range of colours to choose from. In Autumn I was loving the Pomegranate because it has this different pink tone to it which I love, its different to wearing a block colour of red such as Blood Orange which is a lot deeper in colour. Don't get me wrong you defiantly need a good red in your collection.

I am not a hundred percent yet on the matte shade Mocha but they defiantly would come in handy in the colder months. I love to wear Lychee and Mocha in the Winter/ Autumn due to having a large collection of pastels and bright colours for Summer. I am a Spring/ Summer person so pastel for me is the way forward, I am really looking forward to the warm weather to wear my beautiful bright and pastel colours. I am wearing Dragon at the moment on my nails and loving it. I am loving light pink at the moment and it seems to be everywhere I look when I go shopping. Honestly though I am so addicted to buying these and love the shiny quality of them, they dry really fast and most of them you only need one coat and you are ready to go. 

Next on my list to try are the Silk nail effect polishes, they look incredible. 



February 20, 2014

The 5 Product Face

This week I have been off work and when I am off work I don't want to have to do my full make up routine everyday. I usually wear heavy eye make up with liquid eyeliner and everything. That is my go to look for most occasions with a perfect red lipstick. I love having a smokey eye and glowing skin with a hint of blusher but not everyday do I want to do the full eye look. 

This got me thinking, what products do I love to use on my natural look day off routine. So I sorted through all my make up and decided on these top five products. I tend to use them every day but the most important product here has to be the Scandaleyes shadow paint. This product is a dream to use, its easy enough to apply and within seconds its dry and looks fab.
You can get this product in many shades but I went for the golden bronze shade to brighten up my look. I love gold eye shadow and it seems to be my go to colour this past year or so.
I add the eye shadow to my lid and use my finger to smooth it over my lid, this could even be done on the move which is great if you need a quick fix of make up. Its not intense but gives you enough colour to enhance your eyes. If you are like me and hate not wearing mascara at least to lift the eye then this product would work a dream for you too.

My new favourite foundation has to be the Revlon Photo ready, I love the coverage and how amazing it makes your skin look. There is just the right amount of coverage for me and I adore the feel of it. Its not heavy on the skin and its the perfect base for the rest of my make up. I would like to wear a primer under all this make up too, it just gives the skin a better base to work off. 

My must have concealer has to be the Collection one, its definitely worth the hype. I apply this on my problem areas and under my eyes to hide some imperfections. I then add my Mua blusher in the shade candyfloss which gives me the perfect colour to my cheeks. Mua is the perfect budget drug store brand for me, you can pick up some great essentials for brilliant quality too. If I was to use another product to finish off the look, it would be a cute light pink lip gloss or lipstick to lift the colours. 

What are your go to make up products?




February 17, 2014

Thursday Adventures!

Here are a few photographs from our walk around Rivington last week with our friends Katie, Mark and their cute pooch Pennie. It was such a beautiful day considering it was blowing a gale the night before, my hands were so cold. I really enjoy putting on my wellies, scarf and hat and taking Bella on a good run. As you can tell from the last image she was exhausted after the walk but she really enjoyed it.

 Katies pooch Pennie is the cutest little dog ever and Bella loves her company. On our walk we bumped into a man with two pugs, they decided to follow us instead of their owner. The one above in the image was such a cutie and he was called Frank. I defiantly think we nearly ended up with three dogs by the end of the walk. 

Bella ended up full of mud which I do love because I know she will be having a fun time. My new car ended up smelling of dog and full of mud but she is totally worth it. She fell asleep on the way home completely exhausted. She adores running into the water and chasing her tennis ball, all and all it was a great day!

 In the summer we plan to take them to the beach and on more walks like this. Rivington is only 20 minute drive from Robs house so its a great place to have a good long walk with beautiful scenery. Katie and I had the best idea of having our Joules wellies on, the boys struggled to avoid soggy socks. I love days like this and so does my little collie, we had such a great day.



February 16, 2014

The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook!

This book I asked for at Christmas time last year and was lucky enough to get it. I adore the Hummingbird Bakery and when I go to visit Loulabeth we made sure we made time to visit them and go into Harrods. They make the best cupcakes I have ever had and its such a lovely place you have to instagram your cakes. We love having a good catch up over a cup of t and a beautiful cupcake. 

I love this book because it would be the perfect book to keep in my own home one day and it has all the recipes in that are easy enough to follow, I must say I am the most impatient baker ever and don't like baking to be a faff but this book has easy to follow steps. I bet mine don't turn out like the images though. It shows you how to make lavender cupcakes to banana loaf. I love the layout of the book with the big images, its well designed and when you have some friends over for a tea party these cakes would be perfect. If you can recreate them like the images then they will be perfect for the tea party, I need to try bake some and see how I go. If I do I will blog about them and let you know. I need to visit the bakery soon and have a day out in London, I miss it. I will need to bake some of these very soon and do a blog post about them, they all look amazing. Finger crossed they turn out like the images! This bakery has to be my favourite one so far and wish they had one up north.

Do you have this book?



February 15, 2014

Dreaming Of Spring! - Topshop

On a rainy day like today I am really hopeful for a beautiful warm Spring/ Summer time. I want to be able to wear my sunglasses everyday and take my dog on long walks on the beach. Lets hope that this year we get a good Summer, the British weather can be a tad dull most of the year. I am looking forward to having some days that you can just relax in the garden or have a bbq. To brighten up today I thought I would look to see what OOTD I could put together using things I would buy from Topshop. I went for the theme of pink, I have seen so many new things in this colour so I think this is the colour of the season this year. I love having odd pieces in pink and pairing it with black or white. 

I am loving this handbag but this is a dream handbag at the moment as it is £180. I love to own black handbags then you can pair it with so many outfits. I love bags that you can use on a daily basis. To match the black I love the shoes, they will toughen up this look a little bit an lengthen your legs. I went with a white top due to the skirt being a bit more funky, I love the detail on the top in which it will sparkle in the sunshine. I think that this skirt is a good cut and I love the colour of it. You could pair it with a black top to go to a concert or out shopping with your friends. Wear a leather jacket to toughen the look up more. The sunglasses would look perfect with this outfit if you were going to a festival, wear some vans instead of the boots. I would match my nails with this outfit by wearing Rose Petal from Topshop and the shade Petal for my lips. 



February 14, 2014

Personalised Ipad Mini case plus free phone case for all my subscribers!

I was kindly asked to review one of Wrappz products, I love changing up my Iphone case and Ipad mini case more than I probably should in a year but its lovely to have a change. I love to design my own as well, it gives it a personal touch. I recently reviewed an Iphone case in which I could use my Instagram images to create a personalised case. I loved this and its still on my Iphone, I adore it. Looking at all the images that mean the world to me on a daily basis. 

I only just got my Ipad mini over Christmas and have been looking for the perfect case, it has taken me a while to find one. This is it, I love the pattern, the colour and the quality. The quality of this case is incredible and I love that it keeps my Ipad safe which is key. I enjoyed designing my own by using the images on the website, you can also add your own images to make it extra special. use your Instagram images to create a personal touch to your own design that it truly unique to you. I was going to use my own images but thought I would try a different angle to this and have one image on it. I wanted to show you guys two different products as I already have my Iphone case for an example. I have a code so that you can design your own personalised phone case for free. All you will have to pay is the postage which is great for a free phone skin. 

The quality, the fast postage and the easy use of the website are all the qualities I love about my new Ipad case. I love that you can play around with the text, images and whole look of your own case. I have my blog name on mine which is great, loved the fast service and so pleased with it. This is firmly on my Ipad for many weeks to come and it will keep it safe from any damage when I travel with it. 

So this is the fun part if you would like a free phone case use the code freeskin at the checkout. All you have to pay is postage which is great! Make sure to subscribe to my blog via GF or Bloglovin to keep up to date with all my posts and enjoy designing your own case. Let me know in the comments if you go ahead to design one and let me know what you think!

Use the code freeskin to make your own!



February 11, 2014

Rimmel Match Perfection

I love finding a good drug store foundation but to do this you have to try out so many. I love trying out new foundations anyway when they come into store to see how they match to my favourites at the time. I do tend to find a new favourite before changing up what I use from time to time. My current go to foundation has to be the Rimmel London Match Perfection.

I love how soft it feels on the skin, nothing worse than a thick foundation on my skin for me. I love that it gives you a slightly dewy look to your skin. It is a perfect foundation to perfect that natural skin, add some setting powder and your skin looks great. I find the coverage light to moderate but it does hide what needs covering. If you then apply concealer like I do you will have a perfect natural finished look. I like that it has a fresh sort of smell to it, its not a heavy foundation at all. Rimmel has always been my go to drug store make up brand, they never seem to let me down. I will buy something that I need and know that if its Rimmel it will work wonders. Rimmel was my first make up purchase back in the day when I was a young teenager and I have loved it ever since. 

I use my Real Technique foundation brush to buff the foundation in, this helps to create my natural skin look. I tend to wear a lot of eye make up such as cat flicks and brown eye shadows but this foundation helps to keep the make up look at bay of going ott.
This foundation has a great colour match to my skin which I love, I hate having a foundation that is too dark for me. I love to blend it into my skin and one important thing for me when buying foundation, it has to cover all the problem areas. This certainly ticks all the boxes for me and I will continue to purchase it. I love foundations that come with a pump, it is easy to control how much you apply to your face. A great affordable foundation that looks great on your skin, its a must have in my make up bag.



February 08, 2014

Whats In My Bag

This is an updated version of whats in my bag, I did one when I first started blogging but used a black background. What was I thinking? So I wanted to update you with what I carry around most days. This bag is a new one so I don't have as much in it as usual. I'm trying to keep it as neat as possible with everything in its place. I got this Fiorelli bag for Christmas from Rob, I adore it. I am a huge lover of bags and would love a Chanel one, that would be a dream come true.

To start of with I always carry around my mobile to keep up to date with my Twitter, emails and everything else. I also always have my camera with me in case I want to blog about something or just want to capture a moment. I sometimes have my Ipad with me but this depends on what I'm doing that day. If I travel to London I would defiantly have it with me.
I always carry my car keys with me with my cute Joules key ring on it. I got the key ring from work as a treat for my new car purchase.  

I always have a pair of earphones in my bag, I take them to the gym with me or use them on the train. I also always make sure I have a brush and make up bag with me. I don't tend to re apply my make up during the day but I might touch up my lipstick or change the colour of it depending on what I'm doing. I always carry around two lipsticks with me, I always have a red and a light pink. I am loving the Kate Moss lipsticks and have a few of them in my make up bag. I also carry around with me two Rimmel apocalips shades. I also have the Eos lip balms and Vaseline, I have no idea why I have so many lip products but I do. I have been on the hunt for a perfect new purse, I have had my River Island one for nearly 3 years and would love to find a new one soon. I will continue this blog post on with whats in my make up bag and whats in my purse when I get a new one.

I will be doing a post on my find in TkMax but today I went there and found some perfect sunglasses. As it is getting closer to Spring/ Summer I thought I may as well buy these when I saw them. More on a post tomorrow!

I also love to carry around with me my recent magazine, I read it during my break at work or on the train. 



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