February 23, 2014

Deciding To Get A Dog - My Experience

My Beautiful girl Isabella

I have noticed a lot of people and my friends are deciding to get their first dog. This is a big step towards a big commitment but its the most rewarding too. I have always had a dog in my life, in my family from a very young age. I can't remember ever being with out a furry friend in my family. I am a huge dog lover and always have been, they are great companions and make a family whole for me. The difference between getting a family dog and your own is huge. I used to have my own Rottweiler when I was ten, he was the most handsome, loving bug giant you could ask for. I love having a dog in my life and I just cannot imagine a life without my best friend in my life. 

So I thought I would share my experience of getting my own dog whilst working and when studying at university. It can be really scary deciding whether it would be fair to have a dog when you are at work all day. Knowing if you have the right amount of time to spend with your dog and deciding on which breed would suit your life and family. So here are my five top tips on choosing your dog and how I coped whilst studying. I'm thinking about doing a few more posts like this on different topics, let me know if you like them. 

  • First of all for me it was key that I had the right amount of time to spend with my dog. When they are puppies they need a lot of attention, toilet training to vet appointments can take up a lot of time. You need to have the patience to keep up with a puppy. They take a lot of time to train and keep occupied otherwise they may destroy your favourite shoes. Time is key because they need so much attention, I know when Bella was a puppy we constantly training her, keeping an eye on her, walking her and just generally making sure she had what she needed.  It is a great time when you have a puppy, they bond with you and you find out their personality as they grow. Its an amazing time of their lives and yours. I had Bella from day one, I was there when she was born. something I will never forget.
  • Choosing the right breed is important, you need to find out a lot of information about a breed before you make the leap. Its a fun time of your life deciding on which dog to buy and bonding with your new dog is amazing. I knew a lot of information about border collies due to owning many in my life but I still went out to buy border collie books and read up about their background and whats best to do for your dog. Collies need a lot of exercise as they are working dogs, as they have this in their blood. Knowing more information will help to find out if they will also fit into your lifestyle.
  • I have a great bond with Bella, she follows me around the house. She sleeps next to me when I need to do my work or blog. We go on lovely long walks together and honestly I could not see my life without her. She is truly amazing, she makes me so happy each and every day. This is an amazing thing, when you have your own dog you start to have this amazing bond. This is what makes having a dog the most incredible thing. Its so rewarding training your dog, spending time with your dog and everything that comes with having them. You start to know what each noise they make means, you know their body language. this bond is so important and it makes owning a dog so rewarding. I take Bella with me in the car and I make sure she has everything she needs, she is the most loved dog in the world. She even sleeps next to me at night, we spend so much time together and I adore her. 
  • I have noticed that a lot of people are worried about leaving their dog at home when they are at work. I have had a lot of help with this. There is usually someone in, she gets left about once a week alone in the house. I do think I worry more than she does, she always seems to be perfectly happy when I get home. When she was a puppy she had her water and bed in a dog cage in the lounge so that I knew she wouldn't chew something and she was safe. This helped me train her and keep her safe from any danger. Now that she is three she sleeps most of the day whilst we are out and if I am at my moms, she goes and sits on my bed asleep till I get back. I used to work and go to university each week, I used to feel guilty leaving Bella at home but I made sure she had a walk before I went this made sure she slept nicely in her bed till I got home or someone was in.
  • Most of all have fun, take your dog to shows and give them lots of cuddles. I took Bella to a summer fair last year and she came third in a sausage catching contest. Totally unexpected but it was so much fun.I was so proud of her that day, probably do it again this year. Take your dog for walks with your friends and their dogs, go on long Autumn walks with your wellies on. Owning a dog is the most rewarding time of your life, I love my dog so much, if you follow me on Instagram you may already know this. I would not change a thing about having my own dog whilst working and studying for my degree. 

She is the most perfect cheeky monkey in the world and I love her to bits. 

Hope this post helps you, if you want to ask anything leave a comment below or tweet me @kemples1




  1. Awahhhhh, your puppy is too cute!
    It sounds like she is well loved and looked after :)
    Great post
    Elephant stories and more

    1. she gets all the love in the world from us <3 thank you ! xxx

  2. Such a lovely post very inspiring too! I just got a Labrador pup last week he's now 10 weeks :) we have to keep a constant eye on him as hes very lively and active but very smart at the same time! We have just taught him to sit and give his paw which is amazing so hopefully we can teach him more as hes a fast learner :) He constantly chews stuff so we are always trying to get him to chew his toys and not the furniture/shoes :'D I totally agree with you when it comes to having a pet as part of your life and having that special bond as I have grown up with cats so this is my first dog and I was nervous and bought books to study the breed but feel really happy I took the step and enjoy every minute :) very nice post xx


    1. aw im glad you loved this post! 10 weeks, omg bet hes such a cutie! I love your blog btw! xxx

  3. I have a one year old German shepherd x Alaskan malamute and he is my absolute baby. I think my boyfriend was so surprised by how much he loves him, and hes totally not a lovey dove person at all. Having Obi has definitely taught me patience, he can be so challenging sometimes, but he's still a baby and because he's so huge its easy to forget that. Definitely one of the best decisions we've made! Xx

    1. Aw he sounds amazing!! do you have Instagram. I would love to see him. thank you for the comment! such a lovely story :) xxx


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