February 01, 2014

January favourites!

This is the first ever favourites post I have done on my blog, I really enjoy reading blog posts or watching YouTube videos about monthly favourites. They are really interesting and I usually find another product I want from them which is great but not so great when it comes to pay day!

I have so many favourites this month but I thought I would do more of a mixture for the fist one, with beauty to my favourite song. I am loving so many new things this month and have really enjoyed trying out some new products. There are still some of my favourites that are sure to be there all year for me. 

To start of with I am loving the Gelly Nail polishes from Barry M, they are amazing quality and I have summer colours and winter colours. So my collection is quite big. I am loving pomegranate as it is not quite all red but it has thins pink/ orange tone to it to make it a little different. I will always love my trusty Soap and Glory, every product I buy I just fall in love with. The Scrub of your life has to be one of my favourite all time body scrubs, the smell of it is just heaven and it feels great on the skin. After I will use the Righteous body butter to smell amazing all day.

My all time favourite from Christmas on wards has to be my Ipad mini, I am loving having it with me on the go and it just makes it easier to read my Bloglovin followers posts and watch Youtube. I got the Maddie on things book and love every image in it, this is why I have her as my lock screen 

My favourite magazines has to be Cosmopolitan and Blogoshpere magazine. I have loved reading Blogosphere since last year, this is the second issue. I had a little feature in the magazine which was awesome. I just love reading about all the blogs out there and I am so excited for issue 3 with Fleur De Force on the cover. She has to be my all time favourite YouTuber and blogger so she is defiantly a January favourite.

The two albums I have played constantly in my car are Miley Cyrus Bangerz and Katy Perry Prism, I am a huge fan of Katy Perry so I got her cd the day it was released, I am so excited to be seeing her live again in May. I am also loving Miley Cyrus album, I am going to be honest, I really didn't think I would but it is great. I adore most songs on the album and it is a great album to listen to in my new car. That is my all time favourite too, I got myself a new car this month, it is a Citroen C1 in pastel blue. I have been driving really old cars and had so much trouble with them so I am so happy to have my little Citroen in my life! Here is an image from my Instagram.

I am also loving the Real Technique starter set brushes for eyes. I did a full review of them here and I am loving doing my make up this month with them.I am also loving that the Maltese bunnies are here, they are one of my favourite chocolates. 

I will be doing a full blog post on this product but I am loving the Herbal Essence hair mask, this one helps to bring out my hair colour and it looks amazing after. Silky soft with my highlights showing more shine. Full review coming soon.

These are my January favourites, what are yours?





  1. I love the Barry M Gelly Nails too, some great choices :) xx
    Do come & visit my Stila Giveaway.

  2. Great products you have there. I love the Barry M Gelly nail polish as well. I only tried a few shades from their summer collection and really like the formula.

  3. In love with the gelly polishes! I also thought Miley's album wouldn't be great but I shall trust your judgement and listen to it x

  4. Great post, I love so many of these things too! The Gelly Nail Polishes by Barry M are amazing!

    Kimberley x


  5. I gotta buy some Gelly Nail polishes, they seem to be good and I'm a nail polish addict. :))

  6. The Righteous Butter is probably one of the best body butters I've ever used, I love it.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  7. I didn't know there was a blogosphere magazine! I'm going to have to track that down!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic



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