February 28, 2014

My Week On Instagram!

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This past month has flown by, how quick has March come around. I think that this year has a good vibe about it. Every week on Instagram I post about my gorgeous dog Isabell but shes part of my life and I want to show her off to the world. This week we took many images that I want to print out to keep safe, she is my best fur baby. The last image I want to frame and put up in my room, shes my world. This wee it was mine and Robs 4 year anniversary, how time flies. We met when I was 19, how crazy to think this year I am 23. We went out for a lovely meal and Rob had some flowers delivered to my house for the morning. They are beautiful with glittery butterflies in them. This week I took a 'selfie' on my instagram, I must admit I don't tend to take many of them, but now and then its a must, maybe. 

This week I went back to Turbary Woods owl sanctuary, the place I spent many days and weekends at whilst in my third year of university, trying my best to perfect my final images. I had so much fun with this project and I really appreciated the time the sanctuary gave to me to let me hassle them with over 20 visits. I love the owls that they have, I was reunited with many of my favourites such as Nipper and Lilo. One of the owls hid away from the noise, so I went over to her and softly called her, she then hopped over to me like such a cutie, it made my heart melt. They adore these owls and its great to see, I was able to hold them again. I am a huge fan of birds of prey and hopefully I can get my project back on track within the next couple weeks.

One huge highlight of my week had to be being mentioned in the editors notes in Blogosphere magazine, it made my day and I am still smiling about it. 

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  1. seem like you had a fun week! :) x


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