February 14, 2014

Personalised Ipad Mini case plus free phone case for all my subscribers!

I was kindly asked to review one of Wrappz products, I love changing up my Iphone case and Ipad mini case more than I probably should in a year but its lovely to have a change. I love to design my own as well, it gives it a personal touch. I recently reviewed an Iphone case in which I could use my Instagram images to create a personalised case. I loved this and its still on my Iphone, I adore it. Looking at all the images that mean the world to me on a daily basis. 

I only just got my Ipad mini over Christmas and have been looking for the perfect case, it has taken me a while to find one. This is it, I love the pattern, the colour and the quality. The quality of this case is incredible and I love that it keeps my Ipad safe which is key. I enjoyed designing my own by using the images on the website, you can also add your own images to make it extra special. use your Instagram images to create a personal touch to your own design that it truly unique to you. I was going to use my own images but thought I would try a different angle to this and have one image on it. I wanted to show you guys two different products as I already have my Iphone case for an example. I have a code so that you can design your own personalised phone case for free. All you will have to pay is the postage which is great for a free phone skin. 

The quality, the fast postage and the easy use of the website are all the qualities I love about my new Ipad case. I love that you can play around with the text, images and whole look of your own case. I have my blog name on mine which is great, loved the fast service and so pleased with it. This is firmly on my Ipad for many weeks to come and it will keep it safe from any damage when I travel with it. 

So this is the fun part if you would like a free phone case use the code freeskin at the checkout. All you have to pay is postage which is great! Make sure to subscribe to my blog via GF or Bloglovin to keep up to date with all my posts and enjoy designing your own case. Let me know in the comments if you go ahead to design one and let me know what you think!

Use the code freeskin to make your own!




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