February 24, 2014

Superdrug - Face Mask Budget Buy!

 SuperDrug Face masks £2.59
Dead Sea Mud 

A couple weeks ago I went into Superdrug to have a look for some face masks as I know the do reasonable priced beauty products. You can defiantly find a bargain in Superdrug, which is great for when you are on a budget. I wanted some new face masks and while I was looking at the 99p ones I saw these right next to them. My instant thought was I love the packaging, cute pastel colours. I then realised they were on offer for two for £3.50, which is a bargain for two beauty products. I have defiantly found a gem, these face masks work perfectly with my skin. After one use I saw a difference, my skin looked healthier and my make up went on so well the next day. I love that these products are cruelty free, Superdrug are against animal testing which is great. 

All you have to do is put a small amount onto your face avoiding your lips and eye areas. Leave it on for around 10-15 minutes, or even leave it till the last minute in the bath. I think these products are amazing, I am so pleased I found these. They make my skin feel hydrated, exfoliated and really smooth. My skin instantly feels healthier and less dry, as you can tell this product is a winner and will stay in my beauty skin care for a while. They smell incredible which is a bonus, I love sweet smelling products such as Lush, the smell of these are so fresh. You can use the masks up to three times a week, luckily because I love them. 

You can purchase many kinds of this face mask from Aloe Vera to witch hazel mud mask , I am really tempted to get the full range. I got one mud mask and one exfoliating mask due to wanting a deep clean one and one to help with dry skin. I have used both many times since purchasing and as I say a huge improvement in my skin. I feel more confident to wear less make up again after using these products, I will be purchasing more.



  1. I've seen these about, i definitely need to try one!

    1. After posting this I went and used one! they are a must have for my skin care! xx

  2. They look nice!! I will try them!! Take a look at my page my-sweetvalentine.com

  3. Tempted to try these, though I'm always scared of introducing new things to my skincare!


  4. I LOVE superdrug masks. I always find that some of the cheaper masks are the best!



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