February 20, 2014

The 5 Product Face

This week I have been off work and when I am off work I don't want to have to do my full make up routine everyday. I usually wear heavy eye make up with liquid eyeliner and everything. That is my go to look for most occasions with a perfect red lipstick. I love having a smokey eye and glowing skin with a hint of blusher but not everyday do I want to do the full eye look. 

This got me thinking, what products do I love to use on my natural look day off routine. So I sorted through all my make up and decided on these top five products. I tend to use them every day but the most important product here has to be the Scandaleyes shadow paint. This product is a dream to use, its easy enough to apply and within seconds its dry and looks fab.
You can get this product in many shades but I went for the golden bronze shade to brighten up my look. I love gold eye shadow and it seems to be my go to colour this past year or so.
I add the eye shadow to my lid and use my finger to smooth it over my lid, this could even be done on the move which is great if you need a quick fix of make up. Its not intense but gives you enough colour to enhance your eyes. If you are like me and hate not wearing mascara at least to lift the eye then this product would work a dream for you too.

My new favourite foundation has to be the Revlon Photo ready, I love the coverage and how amazing it makes your skin look. There is just the right amount of coverage for me and I adore the feel of it. Its not heavy on the skin and its the perfect base for the rest of my make up. I would like to wear a primer under all this make up too, it just gives the skin a better base to work off. 

My must have concealer has to be the Collection one, its definitely worth the hype. I apply this on my problem areas and under my eyes to hide some imperfections. I then add my Mua blusher in the shade candyfloss which gives me the perfect colour to my cheeks. Mua is the perfect budget drug store brand for me, you can pick up some great essentials for brilliant quality too. If I was to use another product to finish off the look, it would be a cute light pink lip gloss or lipstick to lift the colours. 

What are your go to make up products?





  1. love this post Abi! I think I might do it too! (:

    L x

  2. Great post, I too am very inspired to do a 5 product face post too. mine would be a concealer, power, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick :)
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  3. I usually use so many products on my face, I love heavy eye looks too! This post has definitely inspired me to do one of my own, I'll make sure to mention this too. I might try the Revlon foundation, I change my foundation WAY too much, and I've always been scared to wear MUA products because they're so cheap I get worried that maybe they're too cheap to be decent, if that makes sense?

  4. my goto 5 products would definitely be face powder, eyeliner for brows and eyes, mascara, bronzer, and lip gloss! I love gold eyeshadow it gives a nice shimmer and color to my skin


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