February 17, 2014

Thursday Adventures!

Here are a few photographs from our walk around Rivington last week with our friends Katie, Mark and their cute pooch Pennie. It was such a beautiful day considering it was blowing a gale the night before, my hands were so cold. I really enjoy putting on my wellies, scarf and hat and taking Bella on a good run. As you can tell from the last image she was exhausted after the walk but she really enjoyed it.

 Katies pooch Pennie is the cutest little dog ever and Bella loves her company. On our walk we bumped into a man with two pugs, they decided to follow us instead of their owner. The one above in the image was such a cutie and he was called Frank. I defiantly think we nearly ended up with three dogs by the end of the walk. 

Bella ended up full of mud which I do love because I know she will be having a fun time. My new car ended up smelling of dog and full of mud but she is totally worth it. She fell asleep on the way home completely exhausted. She adores running into the water and chasing her tennis ball, all and all it was a great day!

 In the summer we plan to take them to the beach and on more walks like this. Rivington is only 20 minute drive from Robs house so its a great place to have a good long walk with beautiful scenery. Katie and I had the best idea of having our Joules wellies on, the boys struggled to avoid soggy socks. I love days like this and so does my little collie, we had such a great day.



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