February 28, 2014

Twitter Q&A

I took to Twitter and asked you if there was anything you would like to know about my blog or me. Thank you to everyone that asked some questions, it was fun to do this post and I would like to do more of them in the future. I got to know a few girls through doing this and chatting on a blog chat, we have decided to do a little meet up and go to a cute cafe for a cup of tea and cake. I am so excited for this to happen in the Summer. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you would like to feature in future ones like this. 

@charleylucy I'm interested in fashion, film, music, art, photography and beauty so it felt natural to start my own blog to talk about all of the things I love. I started my blog in the summer of 2012 because I wanted to keep myself busy and to feel more creative for my last year of university. Its become a huge passion of mine since day one.  Lots of bloggers inspired me to start my blog too. 
My favourite part: I love the blogger community on Twitter, you get to talk to so many lovely bloggers via blog chats and I love to share my thoughts and reviews in my little space on the internet. 

@lusciouslanebb  My main piece of advice would be to just be yourself and work hard, hard work pays off in the end. Keep at it, if its your passion it will shine through in your work. I'm not sure how I got so many followers, I am so grateful to all the people that read my blog. It truly makes my day when someone tells me they enjoyed my blog post. 

@frankie_ch I have been blogging for two years now, I took a break when I was writing my dissertation last year to truly focus on it but now that I've graduated I want to put my all into my blog, I really enjoy it. 

@meganlilli_  I love how supportive so many people are. I love that we can chat to like minded people about anything and I really enjoy the Twitter chats. I love it when someone tweets me to tell me they loved my blog post or even to have a chat. It truly makes my day. Recently decided to do a meet up in Birmingham which sounds lovely. 

 @jessiekinsxo  I have so many favourite make up products it would be hard to choose just one but thinking really hard here I would narrow it down to Revlon Photo Ready foundation. That foundation works a dream, its my go to make up at the moment because it creates a perfect base to work of for my other products. 

@televisionary_  I loved your answer when you tweeted me asking me this question, its taken a lot of thought to think of a decent one like you did. I would love to be Smurfette because shes voiced by Katy Perry or Jessie from Toy Story because I grew up watching it. 

@loulabethx I would use Revlon photo ready, Rimmel super lash mascara and a Rimmel Kate moss lipstick in the shade 101 which is a light pink lipstick. My make up essentials. 

@slslw_ I'm inspired by everything,  magazines, YouTube, photography, books, people. 85% of the day I am thinking of a new blog post and what to do next. I love to feel creative and the interaction from other bloggers keeps me going too. I love it when I get a nice comment after working on a blog post, it makes my day. I am passionate about my blog and it doesn't feel like a chore at all, I can't see myself stopping any time soon.

@mbeautyobssion My greatest achievement, defiantly my degree in Photography. When I was ten years old I promised myself I would go to university and do something amazing. I honestly could not have asked for a better university experience,  moving from South Africa when I was 15 was worth it. I wanted to make myself proud as well as my family. My phobias, well it would have to be spiders, typical I know but the way they run with all those legs creep me out. I also hate how they can hide and jump out at you. shivvvvvers! 

Thank you for tweeting me your questions, I really enjoyed answering them for you. If you would like to see more blog posts like this let me know and tweet me @kemples1




  1. Lovely post and answers the questions really inspired me as its great to know how others started blogging and what inspires them in general :) its amazing you move over from South Africa and passed your degree :) you should be very proud and can't wait to see more since I am a new follower(ish) :D I also added you to my blogroll if you want to have a look <3 xx


    1. this comment made me smile, thank you so much! I just had a look at your blog roll, thank you for adding me to it.
      hopefully I can do more of these! <3 xxx


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