February 06, 2014

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

So its not far till its Valentines day, so I thought I would put together a little gift guide ranging in price. I don't ask for much on Valentines day because our anniversary is 3 days later so we celebrate them both in one day, if we did both days it would cost so much. This year for Rob I will get a cute box and go to Tesco or Asda and find all the cute chocolates and make him like a little treat box for when hes playing his PS4. He won't want me to spend my money on him buying him lots of gifts as we will be going out for dinner a couple days later. I'm not fussed about valentines day, all I want is some flowers and a card.

So here is my little gift guide for her on valentines day. It ranges from a Olivia Burton watch to a chocolate Thorntons egg, I am loving the Olivia Burton watches, they are just classy and beautiful. If I got one of these for valentines day that would be such an incredible present. I would also recommend anything from Nars, especially this cute heart pouch inspired by Guy Bourdin's images. I just adore the photographer and Nars. Finding clothes with hearts on them are super cute, I love this swing dress from Boohoo. The colour is just perfect and I love anything with a cute heart on it. You could always do what i'm doing this Valentines and find a cute box and fill it with lots of cute goodies. You can find cute DVDs, books and chocolates from Asda, Tesco or you could buy this wish list and wrap it all into one box. Don't forget the flowers and cards guys!

Whats on your Valentines wish list?




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